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What is the best way to store my wedding gown prior to my wedding?

Wedding dress hanging up

I was talking to a bride from Rochester Hills who picked up her wedding dress a couple months before her wedding and she asked me how best to care for her gown so it looks its best on her big day. Here’s what I told her:

Most wedding gown shops will steam or press your gown after they perform the necessary alterations. To preserve the work they’ve already done, carefully hang it in your car with only one fold if possible. When you get home, take your dress out of the car right away and hang it up so it is not touching the floor.

You’ll want to store your wedding gown away from any kids, pets, moisture and of course the groom. Only you know the best place for this, but a suggestion is in a guest bedroom with the blinds closed, or in a closet without too many things in it (you don’t want to crush or wrinkle the gown).

Ensure that your wedding gown is hanging properly as it may have shifted on the way home. The dress should be hung on the hanger with straps connected to the seam in addition to the shoulder straps (if you have any). The important thing here is that the dress isn’t being distorted on the hanger.

Next, take your wedding gown out of the plastic, and wrap it in a breathable material. Plastic is good for short term storage and transportation. For long term storage, plastic can trap moisture, push dirt onto your gown, cause it to yellow, and set any stains. The best thing to store your gown in is unbleached muslin (available at any fabric store). The next best thing is to drape the gown in two (clean!) white bed sheets. This will protect it from light, dust, and any rogue dirty hands.

If you have to travel with your wedding gown, you’ll need to take extra precautions. Also, make sure you’re prepared for what to do with your bridal gown on your wedding day.

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Wedding Gown Care Guide from Janet Davis Cleaners

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