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As a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, you can be assured that we are the best choice for cleaning your wedding gown!

Janet Davis Cleaners has cleaned thousands of wedding dresses since opening in 1938. Cleaning wedding gowns is something we do every day, not just once in a while. Each gown is cared for individually, never mixed with regular dry cleaning. We have cleaned gowns of all shapes, styles, and ages. We have many cleaning methods at our disposal, some proprietary. What does all of this mean to you? With our expertise and experience, we possess the necessary skills and knowledge to properly clean your wedding gown while preserving the intricate details that make your gown uniquely yours.

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Comparison of Vintage silk satin dress with mold damage and without.

When this vintage silk satin wedding dress was stored improperly, it sustained mold damage, yellowing, and wrinkles. The dress owner brought her dress to Janet Davis Cleaners. We successfully restored this lovely dress to its natural state. This image is a side-by-side comparison before and after we treated, cleaned, and de-wrinkled the dress. (Note: The photos were taken with the dress placed in the same spot and same lighting. The photos have not been retouched or altered in any way.)

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Your wedding dress is of a special delicate nature. We take the time to ensure your dress is cared for with detail and the most up-to-date cleaning methods. You can rest assured that your dress is being successfully cleaned the correct way. Our experts will have you looking your best on your special day.

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Inspection prior to cleaning

First, before we clean your wedding gown, we perform a close inspection. We check to ensure the care label in the gown applies to the gown (sometimes the care label inside your dress is wrong). We do this by testing a small, inconspicuous part of the gown to make sure the composition and materials of the gown match the label.

Next, we test several beads on the gown to ensure they won’t come off, get damaged, or damage your dress during the cleaning process.

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Preparation for cleaning

Based on the inspection results from the first step, we will select the best cleaning method (we have several cleaning methods, all on-site, to choose from) for your gown.

For certain methods, all of the bead work must be covered and any flowers and hoops may have to be removed. Any details that have to be removed are meticulously marked so that they may be properly replaced after cleaning.

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This is where the bulk of the work happens on your wedding dress. All of the dirty areas and spots are meticulously treated prior to cleaning. This step requires an intimate knowledge of fabrics and spot removal chemistry. A dry cleaning technician will spend an unlimited amount of time on your dress going over every inch. Not every spot and stain can come out, but no expense is spared in trying.

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Gown Cleaning

The cleaning phase cleans your entire wedding dress and also flushes out any spotting solutions we used during the pre-spotting phase. Every gown is cleaned individually, never in combination with regular dry cleaning or other wedding gowns to ensure optimal results every time.

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Your wedding gown will be pressed or steamed to remove the wrinkles from the cleaning process. Our technicians have the experience necessary to know how to press or steam (and also when not to press or steam) your wedding gown.

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Inspection & Re-assembly

We perform a close inspection to be sure all removable stains are gone. At the time we are re-attaching any flowers or other details that had to be removed prior to cleaning.

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