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Janet Davis Cleaners uses state-of-the-art equipment and has developed the most comprehensive processes for cleaning your garments. We may cost more than other dry cleaners, but the difference in quality is worth it! Our promise to you is this – all garments will be pressed to perfection, buttons intact, whites will be white, colors will be bright, and all removable stains will be gone.

We start by hand inspecting and spotting each garment. Second, we separate darks from lights. The garments are dry cleaned in a fresh solvent, with the appropriate amount of soap automatically injected. Next, we hand-finish and press each garment to make it look like new. Finally, each garment is individually inspected to ensure that the cleaning and pressing are of the highest quality – to make you look your very best.

“I work with Kyle Matthews and he is very responsive to my needs. I like their service and like the clean job they do. Kyle really goes above and beyond to guarantee a great customer experience.”


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