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“I had my wedding dress and bridesmaid dress steamed and I was pleased with the end results. My only complaint is the different information I was given on the phone versus when I dropped it off in the store. My dress was my mothers and 42 years old. When I called and asked if it could be steamed, I confirmed that it was an old dress and did not need cleaning. I was told it would take a week and I had no problem with that. However, when I went to drop it off a few days later, all the employees said it takes months to steam a dress. The man I worked with the day I dropped it off was very nice and was helpful. I left the dress and they put a rush on it. I got it back just in time for the wedding. I just wish whoever I talked to on the phone would have told me it could take longer than a week or even tell me that they would need to see the dress before giving an estimate. Plus when I got a call the day after I dropped it off they said my dress normally would take six months to steam. Six months seems a bit much. However, like I said I was pleased with the dresses and I had a beautiful wedding.”

– Mary Beth Wimberley

Whether your gown is contemporary or vintage, simple or ornate, Janet Davis Cleaners has the experience to make your gown look just right. Removing wrinkles from wedding gowns is an art that we’ve been perfecting for over 50 years. When we are done, your dress will look flawless for your wedding.

Why have your gown steamed or pressed before your wedding?

To remove wrinkles from every layer of your gown to give your gown the proper volume and special look you expect.

Dress Restoration. Dirty and yellowed wedding dress.


Dress Restoration. Wedding dress looking fresh, white, and clean.


Vintage Wedding Dress Transformation

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Fine-art destination wedding photo in Montenegro, Mount Lovchen. The bride on top of the mountain plays with her fingers with an earring.

If you purchased your gown and had your alterations done at the same place, chances are they pressed or steamed the gown for you before you picked it up. Regardless of how you acquired your dress, ask your seamstress to be sure. In this case, you would not need your gown steamed again.

If you acquired your gown second-hand, this service may be for you.

If you need to travel with your dress before the wedding, you will want to steam and or press your dress at your destination before your wedding day. If you are traveling to the Detroit area, contact us about reserving a slot to steam your gown when you arrive. If you are traveling from the Detroit area, please view our Wedding Gown Price Estimator.

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Let Janet Davis Cleaners perfect your gown before the big day!