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Dry cleaning is not like washing your normal clothes at home.

Unlike just throwing your clothes in your washing machine, dry cleaning actually uses no water. Water can be damaging to particular fabric materials, especially higher-end dress clothes like suits or silk dresses. That’s why we have a delicate process to ensure your clothing items are cleaned thoroughly without damage. We take great detailed care with each garment, keeping your garments separate and sanitized. Each fabric is unique and is treated with individualized care that is best suited for its needs. Learn more about our process below.

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  1. In the dry cleaning process, we first pre-treated for spots, dirt, and stains using chemical cleaners that are specially formulated to properly clean your special garments. 
  1. Next, your garments are placed in one of our top-grade dry cleaning machines to tumble gently and evenly through a dry cleaning solvent. There is no water in this process. Air is evenly distributed to aid in the garments’ drying.
  1. Once your garments are removed from the dry cleaning machine, we inspect them for quality assurance.
  1. Lastly, gently steamed or hand-pressed to remove any wrinkles. We finish things off by bagging and hanging your garment. Your clothes will be fresh, odor-free, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear.

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What Clothes Do I Bring To The Dry Cleaners?

See a quick checklist of the types of clothing ideal for dry cleaning services.

Explore some of our commonly asked questions to learn more about our dry cleaning process.

In addition to using the proper amount of soap and separating darks from lights, we keep your whites whiter using two methods. First, we distill our cleaning solvent after every load to ensure your clothes get clean, fresh solvent every time. The second thing we do to ensure your white garments stay white is by using separate cleaning machines for light and dark garments. This adds another layer of protection against a fugitive dye from changing the color of your white garments.

We ask for at least two days to clean and press your garments. However, we can process them faster if requested. If you bring your garments in by 10am, they can be ready by 5pm. If you bring your garments in after that, your garments can be ready the next production day by 5pm (there is no production on Saturday and we are closed on Sunday). Some items, such as wedding gowns and comforters, take longer.

No. We do not charge a pick-up or delivery fee for all orders, if delivered by 5pm. There is no production on Saturday and we are closed on Sunday.

If you have further questions about our dry cleaning process, we are happy to assist! Please check out our Dry Cleaning FAQ page for more information or feel free to contact us directly.

We are always looking for ways to make your dry cleaning experience with Janet Davis a pleasant one!