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Wash – Fold – Dry

Say goodbye to laundry days! With Janet Davis Cleaners, we take care of your laundry service needs so you can have more hours in your day.

Woman's hands folding clothes.

Your clothes, sheets, and towels are sorted, and pockets are checked and cleaned (not with other clothing). Your items will be cleaned in our professional machines with soap and softener automatically injected. Next, we dry using moisture sensing dryers (we keep static down by not over-drying) and remove and fold immediately. We fold your items neatly, wrap them in plastic, and place them back in your bag so they can be delivered back to you discreetly and safely.

What Can Be Cleaned?

Really most anything you can clean in your home washer. If you want an item hand ironed or dry cleaned, this isn’t the service for those items. Here are some items others have sent in: Socks, Sheets, Towels, T-Shirts, Jeans, Pajamas, Underwear, Washcloths, Pillowcases, Gym Shorts, Leggings, Sweats, and More.

Blue button up shirts folded in a stack.
A mother and father pushing their two little girls in cardboard boxes across the wood floor at home.

Janet Davis Cleaners was designed to make your life easier. No matter your stage of life or laundry needs, we offer easy, convenient, and high-quality laundry services to meet your needs. Say goodbye to doing laundry!

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Your laundry is sorted and cleaned individually, so you don’t have to worry.

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We use a clothing-safe Lysol spray to disinfect all folding surfaces.

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All employees wear masks and follow strict sanitation procedures to ensure your clothing comes back to keep you safe.

The average family is sending in roughly 17 pounds twice per week. This equates to $5 an hour to take laundry off your plate. Where else can you find this kind of return on your money?

Determine what’s best for you. You can choose between our standard or jumbo bag option. We will provide you with a bag when you sign up for pickup delivery services.

Please note, your bag must be able to close.

  • Average 1-3 loads
  • Average 2-4 loads
Janet Davis Wash Dry Fold Bag

You asked. We answered! If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us. 

We charge per bag, either by the standard or jumbo size. When you visit our facility, request the bag size that best fits your needs. To clean your laundry from our standard size bag size (1-3 loads) will be $36.00. The jumbo is $56.00 (2-4 loads).

  1. You leave us your load by either using our convenient pickup delivery service or dropping it off at the facility.
  2. We inspect, prep, wash, dry, press, and fold your garments.
  3. We notify you of your order’s completion.
  4. You receive your fresh and clean order ready for wearing.
  • The average everyday person, working from home, away at work, or too busy.
  • Businesses (uniforms, aprons, towels)
  • Sports Teams (uniforms, towels)
  • And More!

For whites and grays, it is good to use warm water and detergent in each load. Modern laundry detergents have enzymes in them that work best in warm water.

The Janet Davis Dry Cleaners facility is located in Berkley, MI. Additionally, we provide laundry services to surrounding areas.

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