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Keeping Your Household Items Clean

Let Janet Davis Cleaners ensure all your household items remain tidy and clean!

From sheets and duvets to tablecloths and napkins, we provide the laundry services you need to ensure your most important comfort items are professionally cleaned.

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Tablecloths & Napkins

Effortlessly entertain! You can skip the hassle of cleaning and pressing your tablecloths and napkins. We professionally wash or dry clean your linens. Every linen is different, so we will choose the best cleaning method and press them to perfection.

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Comforters & Bedspreads

Worry less about waiting on your comforters taking too long to be cleaned, dried, or fearing damaging colors or quality. With our dry cleaning process, we take extra care to provide you with the highest quality services, using modern technology and professional detergents.

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Pillows & Pillow Cases

You can lay down your head knowing you will be getting quality sleep without the concern of oil, dust, or allergens. We clean, fluff, sanitize, and deodorize feather pillows and replace the cover. Your polyfill pillows will be washed and thoroughly dried.

Sheets & Duvets

Finally enjoy a fresh and clean night’s rest without worrying about dust, mold, or other allergens that have collected in your sheets and duvets over time. We will treat, clean, and press or steam your sheets and duvets to perfection.

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Rugs & Other Items

When it’s time to have your rug professionally cleaned, choose a cleaner that uses an immersion-style cleaning versus a surface cleaning. Janet Davis Cleaners offers boutique-style rug washing that will properly care for your rugs, whether they are priceless antiques or machine-made rugs.

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Fly your flag high with confidence. Whether big or small, we want to provide you with a cleaning solution for your flags. Our process will protect colors and clean them from all dirt or dust. We would be happy to clean your flag 100% for FREE.

Have your household items cleaned at your convenience. We will keep you looking your best and feeling fresh with our pickup & delivery service.

See the steps we take from start to finish at Janet Davis Cleaners!

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Thoroughly Inspected

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Prepped and Pre-treated

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Delicately Cleaned

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Machine Pressed. Hand Finished.

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Just because you can wash table linens, napkins, pillows, rugs, duvets, and bedding in your washer, doesn’t mean they will receive the best cleaning possible. In fact, have you ever noticed your home washing machine “walking” around the room? This means your machine has been overfilled and will not be able to clean properly. Our washing machines are specifically built to handle large bulky items, allowing every inch of your items to receive the utmost cleaning. With our four-part laundry process, household items are impeccably cleaned, cared for, and ready for you to enjoy.

Tablecloths and napkins should be cleaned after each use and put away clean for the next holiday or dinner party you host. If you haven’t used these items for a while, we recommend pulling them out early to inspect and ensure they are ready when you need them.

We can elevate one less to do for your next event with our cleaning and pressing service.

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You can rest assured knowing we have implemented recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and DLI (Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute) to keep you safe from germs and illnesses.

Delivering freshly laundered clothing and items right to your door!