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Your Guide to Wedding Gown Care

Woman in wedding dress standing on a hill of rocks with veil over her eyes.

The Wedding Gown Care Guide

“Caring For Your Wedding Dress Before, During, & After Your Wedding”

Our experts have pulled together a special guide to help you care for your wedding gown. This guide features everything you need to know about caring for your wedding gown before, during and after your wedding. You will learn all it takes to care for your special dress, from the moment you pick it up until you store it away for your daughter to wear on her special day.

  • Traveling with Your Wedding Gown
  • How to Store Your Gown Before You Get Married
  • Tips For Getting Dressed Without Making a Mess of Your Dress
  • What To Do If Something Does Happen To Your Dress
  • Why Preserve Your Wedding Gown?
  • How To Choose a Dry Cleaners to Clean Your Wedding Dress
  • And much more!
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Contact Janet Davis Cleaners with all your questions regarding bridal gown cleaning and care. We’re always happy to assist.