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Preserving a once in a lifetime moment

with Christening and Communion gown cleaning services.

Your child’s Christening or Communion is a special time if their life, and yours! After the ceremony, you want to preserve the Christening gown, Baptism gown, or Communion dress for years to come. Preservation begins with proper cleaning. Janet Davis Dry Cleaners offers professional, specialty Communion and Christening dress cleaning in Detroit and the surrounding areas. These specialty garments require precise, careful cleaning methods to prevent yellowing and ensure the gown stays beautiful for years to come.

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beautiful Christening gown

Preserve your child’s Christening dress, Baptism gown, or Communion gown for generations to come with Janet Davis Dry Cleaners. After your gown is carefully cleaned and pressed, it is only handled with white cotton gloves to prevent any oils staining the fabric. It is then packed in an acid-free chest and stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to protect it from light damage, dust, moisture, mildew, and other contaminants. It is best to store the gown in a cool, dry, and dark location until it is time for it to be worn again. It needs to be professionally cleaned and preserved each time it is worn to prevent any damage or yellowing.

Christening gowns and Communion dresses are precious family heirlooms. Restore these precious garments with the help of Janet Davis Dry Cleaners. We start by thoroughly inspecting the gown, and then it is professionally cleaned. Next, any necessary repairs are made. We can replace buttons, mend tears, replace and repair lace, and much more to restore the gown nearly to it’s original glory. With Baptism gown restoration from Janet Davis Dry Cleaners, your precious gown will remain beautiful for generations of babies to come.

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Your laundry is sorted and cleaned individually, so you don’t have to worry.

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We understand that your garment can be of a delicate nature. Our professionals will tend to your garments with a hand-treated process.


Each garment is unique. We pay attention to detail and provide you with individualized care to ensure your garments are properly cared for.

We employ the same skills necessary for our Wedding Gown Cleaning and Vintage Garment Restoration services and apply them to the smaller garments of our newest customers. We start by carefully inspecting the Communion or Christening gown to ensure the proper cleaning methods are used. Next, we prepare the gown for cleaning and spot clean any stains if necessary. Then the gown is individually cleaned with the appropriate techniques and cleaning solutions for its fabric type. It is never cleaned with other garments. Finally, the Communion or Christening dress is carefully steamed and pressed, and then a final inspection is performed to ensure all stains are gone.

Professional cleaning of Communion gowns, Baptism gowns, and Christening gowns in the first step in preserving these precious garments for generations to come. Properly removing any stains, dirt, dust, body oils, and detergents can prevent yellowing and staining over time. It is crucial to choose a dry cleaning expert that is well-versed in different fabric types and knows how to properly clean these specialty items. Janet Davis Dry Cleaners spot tests your garment before cleaning and treats your specialty garments with expert care.

Yes, to prevent yellowing and stains, it is best to have your Communion gown, Christening gown, or Baptism gown professionally cleaned each time its worn.