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6 Things To Do Before Walking Down The Aisle: Make getting dressed the day of your wedding a breeze

 wedding gownMost bridal salons will press or steam your wedding gown, so here are some things to do once your gown comes home to help you get dressed on your big day.

1. Remove your wedding gown from the garment bag if it’s plastic and hang the gown where it will be safe from children and pets. Also, Le Salon Bridal Boutique recommends putting your finger over the zipper when zipping up and down the garment bag so that the fabric of the dress doesn’t get caught in the zipper.Wrap a clean cotton sheet or a piece of unbleached muslin around your dress to protect it from dust and light.

2. Make a list of everything you will need the day of the wedding, including items for emergencies. Remember that chalk is a great tool to cover any minor spots or spills without damaging your dress. If you are dressing away from home, double check the list before leaving.

3. Look over your dress and accessories a couple days before the wedding to ensure everything is ready to wear. Hang your veil near the shower to smooth any wrinkles.

4. Wear your shoes around the house and to any dance lessons you might take. This way you will be more comfortable the day of your wedding. If you are worried about your shoes being too slippery, you might rub the soles against a sidewalk or other rough surface.

5. Arrange for somebody (or two somebodies) without a fresh manicure to help you get dressed. Alternatively you can hire a professional dresser who will take responsibility for your gown all day and will ensure your bustle is always done properly.

6. Make sure you know how to properly bustle your gown before the day of your wedding and show whomever may be helping you beforehand as well. Pin five or six safety pins to the underside of your gown just in case. If your bustle loops break you’ll be glad they are there.

7. (Bouns tip!) Remember to relax and enjoy every minute of your wedding day because it does go by very quickly!

Photo Credit: Dmitry Boyarin

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