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A Few Points About Pants

Pants, trousers, slacks – all different names for the same thing. This article is all about pants. The importance of pants is sometimes overlooked, so I’m going to share some important points about pants.

In order to make your pants last longer, always buy lined pants. Half-lined (from your waist to your thigh) is fine as well. The lining prevents friction that causes fabric to thin in areas and makes them more comfortable to wear.

When suit shopping, consider buying two identical pairs of pants with each jacket. Pants tend to wear out twice as quickly as the jackets. If you try to replace the pants later, it will be impossible to get an exact match. When you’re ready to get your suit cleaned, have all pieces cleaned together.

Pants with a crease should only have one clear, crisp crease down the front. When you purchase pants, be sure there is only one crease at the time of purchase. If you buy pants without a crease and wish to have them creased, take care in placing the crease in the correct place. It can be near impossible to remove an incorrect crease.

Have your pants cleaned often, especially in the winter. For the best possible care of your pants, take them to the dry cleaners. This will reduce fading, ensure your pants are creased properly (or not creased at all), and help extend the life of your pants.

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