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How To Keeps Your Whites from Turning Dingy & Grey in the Laundry

Keeping your whites white when doing laundry at home can be a real challenge. I’m going to help dispel some myths and give some useful tips to keep your white garments looking their best! Sort loads by color. Darks, lights, and whites. By washing white items alone in the laundry, you will prevent other colors from bleeding onto your precious whites. Slowly over time, when you mix… Read More »How To Keeps Your Whites from Turning Dingy & Grey in the Laundry

Top Fall Stains and How to Remove Them

It’s fall! It’s fall, and that means we’ve got lots going on here in Michigan.You can go your favorite college sports game, go to you kids sporting event, rake leaves, carve pumpkins, and much more. Now, what do all of these things have in common? They leave stains in your clothes – but that doesn’t mean they have to be permanent. The top stains we… Read More »Top Fall Stains and How to Remove Them

The Dirt on Dry Cleaning

A quick google search yields this definition for dry cleaning, the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water. A good dry cleaner is so much more than that. They are fabric cleaning specialists and will have a number of cleaning options at their disposal to get your garments clean without damage, every time. How Dry Cleaners Work A modern dry cleaning machine… Read More »The Dirt on Dry Cleaning

How to Prevent Stains in Your Wedding Dress

A little bit of preparation goes a long way when trying to keep your wedding gown stain free. When asked, a brides biggest worry is that her dress will look perfect for pictures throughout her wedding. I’ve compiled a few tips to keep your wedding dress spot free on your big day. Before your wedding Keep your wedding gown some place that is a moderate temperature,… Read More »How to Prevent Stains in Your Wedding Dress

How To Avoid Problems at Your Dry Cleaners

Having your clothes dry cleaned is somewhat of a mysterious process and many consumers have the wrong idea or expectation when it comes to using a dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is more of an art and a science than a routine operation. Think about it – in a manufacturing environment, you control all of the variables and inputs which gives you precise control over the… Read More »How To Avoid Problems at Your Dry Cleaners

4 Things to Keep in Your Laundry Room at Home

As a professional dry cleaner, I would like to see you bring all of your spots and stains directly to us. This way the spots will have the highest probability of coming out. I realize that just isn’t going to happen though. I’ve put together a quick guide for removing spots and stains at home from things you already know are safe to wash at… Read More »4 Things to Keep in Your Laundry Room at Home

Removing Blood Stains From Your Clothes At Home

I was recently asked a question, and I thought it was a great question, so I thought I’d respond here on the Clean Files Blog so that everybody can benefit from the answer. The question was “How do you remove blood stains from cotton shirts? I use hot hot water to wash, but it seems to never lift all the way out.” Blood is a… Read More »Removing Blood Stains From Your Clothes At Home

Ink Stain on a Dress Shirt

Today I’m demonstrating what it looks like when we remove an ink stain from your favorite dress shirt. Ink is what we call a combination stain because it is made up of both wet-side components and dry-side components. When you write with an ink pen, the part you see is water soluble or wet-side as we call it. However, the part of ink that allows… Read More »Ink Stain on a Dress Shirt

Insurance policy for your clothes!

Last night we hosted an advanced spotting seminar (spotting is the word we use for spot and stain removal within the dry cleaning industry) for local area dry cleaners led by Chris Patten from the A.L. Wilson Company. The theme of the class was to increase your ability as a dry cleaner to remove difficult spots and stains in order to deliver greater value to… Read More »Insurance policy for your clothes!