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How to Prevent Stains in Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown Spot and Stains, How to Avoid Them

A little bit of preparation goes a long way when trying to keep your wedding gown stain free. When asked, a brides biggest worry is that her dress will look perfect for pictures throughout her wedding. I’ve compiled a few tips to keep your wedding dress spot free on your big day.

Before your wedding

Keep your wedding gown some place that is a moderate temperature, dark, not in a plastic bag and where it isn’t being touched/crushed on any side. Some brides go so far as to choose their menu items without any items that are typical culprits for staining (like pasta sauce). It is a good idea to have your florist remove the stamen from your flowers. Also, if you are going to have bubbles at your wedding, I would test them before hand to make sure they don’t stain.

Getting Dressed

Use a deodorant that contains an antiperspirant sparingly. Underarm stains (both from perspiration and deodorant) are some of the toughest stains to remove. Use trial and error beforehand to find one that works for you to keep you dry and deodorant stain free.
When its time to put your dress on, put something over your face, like an old cotton t-shirt, to protect your dress from your makeup.

Your Wedding Day

Stick to clear liquids only so that if you do spill, nobody will notice. Always make sure to get help going through doorways, especially car doors. Grease and dirt from door hinges is black and hard to remove.

If You Do Get A Spot

If you do get a spot on your dress, don’t fret. Spots are typically less noticeable than you think they are. Remember, the guests at your wedding are there to share in your special day, not to critique you. It’s also likely that in trying to remove a spot or stain that you’ll cause damage to your wedding gown (especially on silk wedding gowns).

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