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Ink Stain on a Dress Shirt

Removing ink stains from dress shirts

Today I’m demonstrating what it looks like when we remove an ink stain from your favorite dress shirt.

Ink is what we call a combination stain because it is made up of both wet-side components and dry-side components. When you write with an ink pen, the part you see is water soluble or wet-side as we call it. However, the part of ink that allows it to flow and go where you want it is oil based or dry-side as we call it.

during_inkIf you try to remove the water soluble portion of the stain first, the ink will run everywhere. The part of the ink that allows it to flow mixes with the cleaning agent and spreads the ink. The trick is to remove the oil based parts of the ink first.


after_inkThe diagram depicts the same stain in the various stages of stain removal. First is the before. Next, we show what it looks like after you remove the oil from the ink. Next, we use a dye stripper to remove the rest of the stain as depicted in the third and fourth pictures. Finally the bottom picture is the shirt with no stain! You can see the shirt is wet and ready to be washed and pressed!


The total cost to the customer to fix his shirt was $2.78 (our price for laundered shirts). If the stain couldn’t be safely removed, the customer would have lost the use of a $40.00 dress shirt.

You can find more information about stain removal or any of our services at our website or by calling 248.543.0340.

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