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Insurance policy for your clothes!

Last night we hosted an advanced spotting seminar (spotting is the word we use for spot and stain removal within the dry cleaning industry) for local area dry cleaners led by Chris Patten from the A.L. Wilson Company. The theme of the class was to increase your ability as a dry cleaner to remove difficult spots and stains in order to deliver greater value to your customers. Chris emphasized that many people use their dry cleaner as an insurance policy for their clothes.

Chris demonstrated how to remove a range of things dry cleaners see every day. Chris first demonstrated how to remove blood from a silk blouse. During another demonstration he took out an ink pen, marked up a shirt, and then showed how to remove the ink from the shirt (and he got it all out without damaging the shirt!).

One nice thing I didn’t know about their products is how environmentally friendly they are. All of their products, except for one, are compliant with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 and California Regulations for Reducing Volatile Organic Compound Emissions. There isn’t another spotting chemical company that I know of that can make such a claim.

We were honored to host such a great class (all we did was provide the chairs, steam, air and a place for Chris to teach). Thank you to Larry Taffel from the E.J. Thomas Company and Chris Patten from the A.L. Wilson Chemical Company from all of us at Janet Davis Cleaners (your stain removal specialists).

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