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Does This Really Need Dry Cleaning? Dishing the Dirt on ”Dry Clean Only”

How serious is that ”dry clean only” label on your favorite cashmere sweater? Here’s what you need to know about dry cleaning labels and fabrics!

The average household spends on average $500 per year on dry cleaning expenses. While this may seem like a steep annual bill, it’s nothing compared to the countless money that’s wasted on clothing that’s damaged due to improper cleaning methods. After all, do you really want to sacrifice your favorite dress or suit simply because you ignored the dry clean only tag?

The good news is, you can avoid damaging any more clothing by being on the lookout for some essential signs that your piece requires dry cleaning.

If you’re not willing to let go of one more piece of clothing, read on to get the lowdown on what does and doesn’t require dry cleaning.

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Before we get into what does and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, it’s important to be aware of the multiple benefits of dry cleaning and why people choose it for all of their clothes, even the ones that may not need it.

Dry cleaning is remarkably less abrasive, even on the clothes that aren’t marked with a dry clean only label. If you’re looking to keep your colors fresher and for a longer period of time, dry cleaning is an ideal option. This results in less money spent on clothes over time.

Professional dry cleaners also tend to pay close attention to detail, meaning they’ll be able to zone in on the little stains and discolorations that you may have already given up on.

The majority of people simply don’t have the time to wash their clothes themselves. If you think about it, there are much more productive things you can be doing than washing your clothes. This is where dry cleaning easily comes into play.

Dry cleaners are also particularly effective for those large item pieces like drapes, rugs, or slipcovers that seem like a chore when attempting to do them at home.

What’s Really Dry Clean Only

Now, let’s take a closer look at which of your pieces need dry cleaning every time. Be on the lookout for these essential signs that your item need to be dry cleaned even if you didn’t spot the direction on the tag.

Recognize Labels

There’s a good chance that over time the tiny writing on your label may have faded. However, look for the small icon shaped like an iron on the tag to help signify that an item is not made for your washing machine.

Pay Attention to the Material

You can typically tell whether or not a clothing item will do well in your washing machine by simply paying attention to the material.

Any of your more delicate fabrics like satin, wool, velvet, and silk are not designed to be washed in high temperatures or to be used in machines. Not only are these fabrics not made to go into your washing machine, but they will also do some serious damage in your dryer as well.

When loading up your washing machine be sure that everything that goes in is either polyester, linen, nylon, or cotton. Even then there may be some exceptions to the rule.

Additional Accessories and Trim

Even if the material being washed is one of your approved materials, there are some situations in which a garment should still be brought in to a cleaner.

For example, high-end suits and dresses should still be brought into a cleaner to make sure that the lines and fit aren’t affected during the washing process.

Any items with collars, or additional lining should be brought into your dry cleaner as the harsh movement of a washing machine can gradually undo the seam that’s been sewn into place.

If you’re looking to have a garment wood handmade lacework or embroidery cleaned, stay clear of the washing machine that will certainly rip and damage this intricate work

Finally, your favorite beaded and sequence items won’t hold up well in washing machines or dryers. These glued-on accessories tend to become undone when washing machine and the thin threads easily tear.

Your favorite delicates aren’t worth damaging. The more dainty they appear the more likely it is that they should be saved for your dry cleaner.

Tricky Spots and Stains

There are some stains that only a professional knows how to get out. If one of your favorite items have faced the wrath of some spilled wine, blood, or even oil, don’t give up on it just yet.

A quick trip to the dry cleaners may be all you need to get your favorite outfit back into Tip-Top shape. You’ll find your dry cleaners know exactly which method to apply to get the stain out without causing any further damage.

This is particularly important with keepsakes like wedding dresses or baptism gowns that you want to hold onto forever without the appearance of harsh stains.

Items that Need Extra Pressing

Nothing is as crisp as a suit straight from the dry cleaners. While you can always take the time to iron, there are some items that really need professional-grade ironing to maintain their look and quality.

Fortunately, dry cleaners know how to perfectly steam each piece for a classic and wrinkle-free appearance.

Finding the Right Dry Cleaner to Handle it All

Once you’ve found out which items are dry clean only, it’s time to find the perfect dry cleaner to do the job. Look for dry cleaners with years of experience in maintaining the look and quality of various types of clothing items.

If you’re looking for more information on protecting your clothing and dry cleaning services check out our blog today.

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