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Caring for Your Silk Clothing: Why Dry Cleaning Is Your Best Option

blue and purple silk clothing
Real silk garments are an investment. That said, let’s talk about why dry cleaning is still your best option for maintaining the quality of your silk clothing.

Silk clothing is touchy, expensive, extremely comfortable, and stylish.

That means that you’re going to want to take the best care of it that you can.

Cleaning your silks means taking some special care when you’re picking a method. Instead of leaving things to chance you should make sure that you have professionals handle it.

If you’re wondering why dry cleaning is the best option for cleaning your silks, then let’s dive in and we’ll help you figure out exactly why it’s recommended to let the experts handle it.

First Things First

Real silk clothing will run a pretty high cost.

Unfortunately, it’s also a rather delicate material when it comes to cleaning. Sooner or later you’ll have to clean it but how you act during the initial spill or other problem has a big effect on how your clothing will end up.

Always blot, never rub. If you spilled something on your silk, then take a cloth and blot it immediately. Rubbing it in will work the spill into your clothing, making it much harder to get out later and will likely remove the color.

Even more fun: silk fibers will chafe if you decide to rub them while they’re wet. That can mean permanent damage to your garment’s finish.

So your initial reaction to any wet spill should be to blot as much of the liquid up as possible, allow the garment to dry, and then get it cleaned.

Never use a washing machine for silk.

While some people insist the delicate setting will be fine…do you really want to run the risk of damaging a garment that costly?

If you don’t run a delicate cycle, you’re going to end up with clothing that’s either shredded or seriously damaged by the time you’re done.

Handwashing Silk Clothing

Handwashing your silk clothing is a good way to get them ready, or at least it’s better than just using a washing machine.

There are two caveats:

  1. Handwashing silk is time-consuming and takes practice to get right
  2. If your clothing has a “dry clean only” label then you don’t want to risk it

The “dry clean only” label is rather common for high-end garments. It means that the material needs some special care that should really only be applied by a professional.

If you’re insistent on handwashing a garment and it has a “dry clean” label instead of recommending it only be washed by a professional then you’ll need some gentle soap and a sink or other basin of water.

Use cold water when you’re washing silk. The fabric can shrink and cold water will be the best way to avoid problems.

In any case, do a water test beforehand. Place a bit of water in an inside area of the garment, where it won’t be visible, to make sure that it doesn’t leave a mark or harm the fabric in any way.

When hand washing silk, do not treat individual spots. Instead, agitate the garment and the entire bucket of water.

Since silk chafes when wet, you can end up lightening the area where you’re cleaning when you decide to rub out just one spot.

It’s not ideal but it can be done.

The Advantages of Dry Cleaning Silk

Dry cleaning is the best way to get your delicate silk garments clean.

Not only will you save time and possible damage, but most dry cleaners are also insured in case something does happen.

That’s more than you can guarantee at home when you’re cleaning your silk. If you damage a garment worth several hundred dollars then you’re usually out of luck.

Making sure your investment is protected is important.

Of course, many of us have favorite garments as well. Insurance isn’t the only thing necessary to help you feel safe. The sentimental value of a great shirt or pair of pants that’s been with you for years can be worth far more than the insurance payout.

So, just any old dry cleaner isn’t going to do it. Instead, spend some time making sure that you find the best local dry cleaner around. A good dry cleaner who will work with you and can be trusted with even your most valuable clothing can take time to find.

It will be well worth it in the end, however.

More than anything else, however, dry cleaning is convenient. You’ll know that your clothing is in professional hands and all you need to do is drop off and pick up the clothing in question.

It can also be quite affordable. While many people will go out of their way to save a buck, you need to ask yourself what your time is worth before getting out the bucket and soap.

A great dry cleaner will even offer you pick up and drop off services at a small fee.

That eliminates the need to run out to the shop.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Silk

Dry cleaning isn’t a simple process. There’s a reason that it has become an absolutely enormous industry over the years. While there’s been some shrinkage lately, it’s still a $9 billion industry.

Take it from us: professional care for your garments is still in fashion. You may not be wearing a suit to work every single day, but if you’re investing in silk clothing then you’ll want them to look their best.

Dry cleaning is, without a doubt, the best way to make sure your silk clothing lasts for as long as possible. No matter what happens to it while you’re wearing it.

Can you really afford not to let a professional cleaning service take care of it?

Protect your investment, save yourself some time, and contact your local dry cleaner for the best results.

To do anything else is foolhardy at best.

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