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Mothers Wedding Gown

This is a beautiful wedding gown from 1974. The gown was originally preserved (by another company) right after the wedding so there was only minimal yellowing present. Also, because it was preserved, there were no problem areas that developed over time as is the case with many gowns that are not properly cleaned before storage. Note that is is a cream gown with white lace… Read More »Mothers Wedding Gown

What is green dry cleaning?

There is a lot of talk today about green alternatives and green marketing. What makes your dry cleaners green isn’t the solvent they clean in as much as their approach towards the environment. Let’s run down the major items in dry cleaning as far as the environment is concerned. Perc – the most common cleaning solvent, and also regarded as the best at cleaning your… Read More »What is green dry cleaning?

1950’s Wedding Dress Restoration

It’s hard to believe this is the same wedding gown. This particular wedding gown was purchased in 1953 at Hudsons and has been kept in an attic since the wedding. This vintage garment restoration was particularly difficult because of the deterioration of the material due to its storage. The armpits and seams were already threadbare and other areas were weak as well. This limited the… Read More »1950’s Wedding Dress Restoration

Amelia Casablanca Dress

This is an Amelia Casablanca wedding gown that we cleaned. These pictures of the dress were taken just before it went home to its owner (in fact you can see the garment bag ready to be zipped around the dress). She was thrilled when she picked it up. Unfortunately, I don’t have any clear before shots available. This dress required a lot of individual attention.… Read More »Amelia Casablanca Dress

Best Dry Cleaners in Metro Detroit, Again!

Yesterday I found something pretty cool while I checking on a couple of things. Janet Davis Cleaners was voted 2008 Best Dry Cleaners in Detroit in the Metro Times’ The Glory of Capitalism – People’s Poll. The funny part is that nobody from the magazine called to let us know, we had to find out on our own. The same thing happened last year when… Read More »Best Dry Cleaners in Metro Detroit, Again!

Two Old Dresses

Today I have two older dresses that we cleaned. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any before pics because we got to work just as soon as they came in. The dress to the left is a vintage garment from the 1940’s. The challenges with this dress were the inside seams not all being finished off and a couple of yellow ‘age’ spots. Typically these… Read More »Two Old Dresses

Beach Wedding

Here are some before pictures of a wedding gown we cleaned from a bride who was married on a beach. She was able to keep most of the gown pretty clean, except for the bottom. The sand and dirt managed their way into all of the layers of the dress. The middle layer was somewhat protected by the other two layers (Scroll down to see… Read More »Beach Wedding

Wedding Gown Restoration

This dress was brought to us 13 years after the bride wore it, celebrated in it, and after a guest spilled a drink on it. She told us that she was, “only getting married once, so why get it preserved?” It turns out that her sister is now getting married and thinks this is the perfect gown and wants to wear it at her own… Read More »Wedding Gown Restoration