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Two Old Dresses

vintage two dressToday I have two older dresses that we cleaned. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any before pics because we got to work just as soon as they came in. The dress to the left is a vintage garment from the 1940’s. The challenges with this dress were the inside seams not all being finished off and a couple of yellow ‘age’ spots. Typically these spots were not visible when the garment was stored away and consist of either a sugary substance or an oil/grease spot (such as from your hands). As you can see this dress cleaned up nicely and with proper handling didn’t pose any major difficulties to our experienced staff.
pink dressThis dress is a 1960’s Wedding Dress. If you look closely at the dress you can see that it isn’t solid pink, but rather white and pink striped. The difficult part about this dress is that it is actually a white dress with hand painted pink stripes. Upon testing with traditional cleaning methods we quickly determined that dry cleaning or wet cleaning under normal circumstances would quickly revert this to a white dress with no stripes. We were able to come up with a method to both clean the dress and preserve the garments original look. This vintage garment restoration was made possible by our diverse experience with wedding gowns.


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