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Wedding Gown Preservation Boxes

I often get asked what makes our box different than the boxes some other cleaners use. The box, also known as a preservation chest, is one of the most critical components of a proper wedding gown preservation. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of a good wedding gown preservation box: Not Vacuum Sealed Vacuum sealing your wedding gown after it is clean will lead… Read More »Wedding Gown Preservation Boxes

10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

1. Hands Off! Do not touch your wedding gown with your bare hands after it is clean. The oils from your skin will be absorbed by the dress which could yellow your gown over time. Use gloves (cotton works best) to handle your wedding gown after it is clean. 2. Treat invisible stains. Most sugar based stains (from cake icing, white wine, etc.) are invisible… Read More »10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

6 Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Gown Faster Than Apolo Ohno Skated the 500M in Torino

Okay, so I’m not telling you to skip the honeymoon to have your wedding gown preserved the moment you leave the reception. Having your wedding gown preserved sooner rather than later is important, and here’s why. 1. To keep your wedding gown as beautiful as the day you wore it for as long as possible. Your daughter or granddaughter may want to wear your gown… Read More »6 Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Gown Faster Than Apolo Ohno Skated the 500M in Torino

Sottero & Midgley Wedding Gown Before and After Cleaning

The bride who wore this Sottero & Midgley Wedding Dress opted for some extreme outside pictures on the honeymoon and dirtied the hem in the process.   The first step in the cleaning process for this wedding dress consisted of a series of baths for the hemline. This eliminated most of the ‘easy’ to remove dirt leaving the tough spots while also being very gentle… Read More »Sottero & Midgley Wedding Gown Before and After Cleaning

Pnina Tornai Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

This is a Pnina Tornai wedding gown that was brought to us for cleaning and preservation. The before pictures for this Pnina Tornai wedding dress are on the left and the afters are on the right. Pay particular attention to the hemline. The hemline before cleaning was dirty and had picked up a few things from the ground. After the hem is clean (if you… Read More »Pnina Tornai Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Janet Davis Cleaners recently hosted industry expert Jane Zellers who taught several dry cleaners from all over Michigan how to properly clean specialty garments such as wedding gowns, both new and vintage. Jane C. Zellers, CED, consultant, lecturer and former owner of a three store dry cleaning establishment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has been involved in the laundry and dry cleaning industry for over 30 years.… Read More »Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Wedding Gown Tips & Advice

Getting married? Already married? Here are a few important tips to keep your wedding gown in tip-top shape. Always hang your wedding gown by loops inside the gown that are connected to sturdy side seams, never by fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or sag. Never store your wedding gown in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed, plastic wrapped containers because plastic emits fumes that can yellow… Read More »Wedding Gown Tips & Advice

Vera Wang Wedding Gown

This wedding gown is a Vera Wang. As you can see, the body of the dress is stayed mostly clean during the wedding, but the hemline picked up a lot of dirt. Because of the delicate nature of silk extra caution was taken during the cleaning process. All of our gowns are pre-treated by hand and then individually cleaned in our unique two bath cleaning… Read More »Vera Wang Wedding Gown

Beach Wedding

Here are some before pictures of a wedding gown we cleaned from a bride who was married on a beach. She was able to keep most of the gown pretty clean, except for the bottom. The sand and dirt managed their way into all of the layers of the dress. The middle layer was somewhat protected by the other two layers (Scroll down to see… Read More »Beach Wedding