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Pnina Tornai Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

Pnina Tornai Wedding GownThis is a Pnina Tornai wedding gown that was brought to us for cleaning and preservation.
The before pictures for this Pnina Tornai wedding dress are on the left and the afters are on the right. Pay particular attention to the hemline. The hemline before cleaning was dirty and had picked up a few things from the ground. After the hem is clean (if you zoom in you can see the front is casting a shadow that makes it look dirty in the front) and the small pieces are removed.


The delicate nature of this Pnina Tornai wedding gown caused us to hand clean the entire gown. If we had used traditional dry cleaning methods on this gown, some of the beautiful beads at the top would have come off. Utilizing our hand cleaning methods and a lot of time, we were able to safely remove the dress while preserving the beauty of this masterpiece. Since this wedding gown is being preserved, we removed the hoops before cleaning and they were not in the wedding dress for any of the pictures we took.

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