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6 Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Gown Faster Than Apolo Ohno Skated the 500M in Torino

Okay, so I’m not telling you to skip the honeymoon to have your wedding gown preserved the moment you leave the reception. Having your wedding gown preserved sooner rather than later is important, and here’s why.

1. To keep your wedding gown as beautiful as the day you wore it for as long as possible. Your daughter or granddaughter may want to wear your gown one day. Preserving your gown will slow the aging process and offer the best environment for storing your gown.

2. To diminish yellowing, pre-mature discoloring and fading. Yellowing is the number one thing people look to correct down the road… prevent it now.

3. Poor storage can reduce a once beautiful wedding gown to rags. Storing a gown without preserving it first will allow the pH of the gown to change causing the gown to become brittle and weak. Over time the fibers will break down and the gown can be reduced to shreds. Once set into motion, this process can be slowed but is not reversible.

4. Stain removal is easier today than tomorrow. Body oils and makeup need to be removed or they may cause permanent stains in your gown. As time passes certain stains may be set forever while others are just more difficult to remove. Wedding gown preservation includes cleaning of your wedding dress.

5. Silent but deadly – invisible stains will start to caramelize and become visible. Soda, wine and cake spills or spots may not be visible on your wedding dress. Much like cutting open an apple, over time the stains will turn brown and ugly.

6. To sell it. Preserved gowns are much easier to ship than hanging gowns. Also, if you preserve your gown with an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member, pressing will be free for the new owner.

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Wedding Gown Care Guide by Janet Davis Cleaners

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