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Mold Damage Repaired on a Vintage Silk Satin Wedding Gown

Here at Janet Davis Dry Cleaners we recently cared for a vintage silk satin wedding dress that was stored improperly and sustained mold damage along with the more common symptoms of poor storage – yellowing and wrinkles. I have included 3 before and after pictures including the front, the back and the underskirt. It is important to note that the photos of this dress were not retouched at all and that they were taken in the same spot with the same lighting conditions before and after we restored the wedding gown to its natural state.


The top half of the wedding gown is lace and the bottom is silk. This wedding gown was hand made some time in the 1950’s. You can see the mold around the neck and towards the bottom a little bit. If you click on the picture and zoom in, you can see there are little specs of mold all over this gown, especially on the silk. You can also see the prominent color change after we performed the restoration on this vintage wedding gown.



The mold is more visible on the back of this wedding gown, especially on the lower right portion of the lace. Again, on the back you can see how we were able to remove the yellowing that has occurred on the silk and lace of this vintage wedding dress.


The mold is most visible on the silk portion of the gown’s underskirt. You can see that removing the mold did not do any damage to the weave of the silk satin.

This vintage wedding gown restoration was performed at Janet Davis Cleaners in Berkley, MI.

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