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Learn How to Repair Clothing to Make Dry Cleaning Easier

Black and white close up of sowing machine's needle[Guest post by Jackie Edwards]
People trash about 26 billion pounds of clothing a year. Why? People seem to simply not understand just how much clothing can be reused or repaired. Not only is repairing and reusing clothing and other textiles great for the environment, it can help you see better results with dry cleaning. While dry cleaning isn’t bad for your clothing, if an item is already damaged, worn or torn, you’ll find that it’s harder to see quality results from dry cleaning efforts. Learning how to repair your own clothing by sewing and stitching them back together can help facilitate the dry cleaning experience while also igniting a restored passion and interest in your clothing, accessories and furnishings.

Restore Old Clothing

If you have antique clothing that’s been passed down from centuries of family use, learning how to stitch it up and restore it to its best state will help preserve the quality of the item. Whether it’s a dress, bed linens or even a small pillow case, if you know how to stitch it back together where it might be falling apart, you’ll be able to see a renewed look in its overall appearance and also enjoy the benefits of dry cleaning. Once you’ve sewing it back to its original state, it will be easier to get it dry cleaned in order to prevent moth and insect damage, which is crucial in older, antique clothing items.

Ignite a Passion for Your Furnishings

Whether you’re furnishing your home or styling your own body, learning how to sew your clothing and other household items can ignite a personal passion that yields many health benefits. As you begin to learn more about how to work a sewing machine and all of the benefits it offers you in terms of upcycling old clothing and accessories, restoring antique items in your home and even sprucing up your style year after year, you’ll gain a solid understanding of what it takes to make clothes look nice and presentable. This directly translates into a better dry cleaning experience, as you’ll begin to know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the best result and how often you need to do it.

Get a Flawless Finish

The flawless finish you see from clothes and other household items that are dry cleaned is easier to accomplish if the dry cleaners can easily work with quality pieces that aren’t ripped or damaged. Steaming and pressing clothes in order to yield the crisp, stunning result that comes out of a dry cleaners is much easier if they’re not having to work around unsightly and difficult tears that could worsen with the use dry cleaning techniques. To achieve a flawless look, you’ll want to stitch up any loose ends and repair any holes and then take the piece to a qualified dry cleaner to let them work their magic.

Repairing Clothes, Renewing Interests

Dry cleaning provides a lot of benefits to people looking for extra clean, highly-preserved and well-pressed clothing and household items. Learning how to sew your items back together, however, will ensure you get the result you’re looking for out of dry cleaning and can enjoy your articles for many more years to come.

Photo Credit: Alex Andrews


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