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Store Your Winter Clothing Without Getting Moth Damage

Moth that causes moth damage to your clothing. To prevent, dry clean before storing your winter clothes before summer storage.

With it being nearly 60 degrees in Metro-Detroit today, it makes sense to talk about storing your winter clothes for the summer and how to keep them moth-free.

Clean Room
The easiest and most effective method of preventing moth damage it to put your winter clothes away clean. This doesn’t mean that if your clothes were only worn once and look clean it’s okay, it’s not. You need to have your garments cleaned (washed in hot water or dry cleaned) before you put them away. Moths are typically attracted to something on your clothing such as body oils, food crumbs, or anything else your clothes may have picked up. Also, cleaning garments you are about to store for the summer will rid them of any moth eggs. Dry cleaning them or washing in hot water (remember not all items can be washed) will do the trick. Also, make sure your closet or dresser is clean as well. This means the floor and any shelves or drawers need to be cleaned out at least twice per year.

Moth Balls
Moth balls are a pesticide that will kill moths. They are only effective in enclosed spaces like a sealed container. Putting moth balls in your closet will do little more than give you a headache (they are a pesticide, remember). Moth balls also have a specific odor that is difficult to remove from your clothes after being stored.

Vacuum Pack
Another option to seal out moths (remember you need to be sure the clothes are clean first) is to vacuum pack them. This way any rogue moths cant get in and make a home in your clothing. Keep in mind your clothes will be heavily wrinkled when they come out. Another plus of vacuum packing your clothes is they will take up less space in your closet; which is perfect if you’re short on storage.

Another (crazy sounding) option is to put your clothing in the freezer. Put the garments in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer like anything else. The cold temperature will keep anything from feasting on your favorite sweaters until you pull them out in the fall.

In most cases preventing moth damage is a simple as putting everything away clean. Remember, all it takes is one item to invite moths into your closet.

Free Storage
To help keep your closet clear and your clothing moth-free, Janet Davis Cleaners offers free box storage for most garments except fur coats.

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