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Putting Your Wedding Gown on Display

There is a new trend among those who preserve their wedding gowns. Some brides are re-defining what to do with their wedding dress after the wedding. Instead of packing it away in a closet or under the bed, they are putting their cherished gown on display. Here are a couple examples. The Bridal Armoire Company At nearly $15,000 this is the ultimate way to showcase your… Read More »Putting Your Wedding Gown on Display

How To Fly A Wedding Gown to a Destination Wedding

  Are you headed to the tropics for your dream beach wedding but don’t know the best way to get your wedding dress there with you? There are a few different ways to get your wedding gown to your destination wedding. You can pack it, carry it, ship it, or buy it there. Depending on where you are going and what style of dress you… Read More »How To Fly A Wedding Gown to a Destination Wedding

How to Prevent Stains in Your Wedding Dress

A little bit of preparation goes a long way when trying to keep your wedding gown stain free. When asked, a brides biggest worry is that her dress will look perfect for pictures throughout her wedding. I’ve compiled a few tips to keep your wedding dress spot free on your big day. Before your wedding Keep your wedding gown some place that is a moderate temperature,… Read More »How to Prevent Stains in Your Wedding Dress

Mold Damage Repaired on a Vintage Silk Satin Wedding Gown

Here at Janet Davis Dry Cleaners we recently cared for a vintage silk satin wedding dress that was stored improperly and sustained mold damage along with the more common symptoms of poor storage – yellowing and wrinkles. I have included 3 before and after pictures including the front, the back and the underskirt. It is important to note that the photos of this dress were… Read More »Mold Damage Repaired on a Vintage Silk Satin Wedding Gown

Red Wine on a Silk Satin Wedding Gown

This may be every brides worst nightmare – somebody spilled red wine on the front of this silk satin wedding gown. The wine spill is a bit difficult to see in the picture so I put a light box around the affected area in the before picture. The wine spot was definitely visible in person.   We worked our magic on this gown and we were able… Read More »Red Wine on a Silk Satin Wedding Gown

10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

1. Hands Off! Do not touch your wedding gown with your bare hands after it is clean. The oils from your skin will be absorbed by the dress which could yellow your gown over time. Use gloves (cotton works best) to handle your wedding gown after it is clean. 2. Treat invisible stains. Most sugar based stains (from cake icing, white wine, etc.) are invisible… Read More »10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Janet Davis Cleaners recently hosted industry expert Jane Zellers who taught several dry cleaners from all over Michigan how to properly clean specialty garments such as wedding gowns, both new and vintage. Jane C. Zellers, CED, consultant, lecturer and former owner of a three store dry cleaning establishment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has been involved in the laundry and dry cleaning industry for over 30 years.… Read More »Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Mothers Wedding Gown

This is a beautiful wedding gown from 1974. The gown was originally preserved (by another company) right after the wedding so there was only minimal yellowing present. Also, because it was preserved, there were no problem areas that developed over time as is the case with many gowns that are not properly cleaned before storage. Note that is is a cream gown with white lace… Read More »Mothers Wedding Gown

1950’s Wedding Dress Restoration

It’s hard to believe this is the same wedding gown. This particular wedding gown was purchased in 1953 at Hudsons and has been kept in an attic since the wedding. This vintage garment restoration was particularly difficult because of the deterioration of the material due to its storage. The armpits and seams were already threadbare and other areas were weak as well. This limited the… Read More »1950’s Wedding Dress Restoration

Two Old Dresses

Today I have two older dresses that we cleaned. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any before pics because we got to work just as soon as they came in. The dress to the left is a vintage garment from the 1940’s. The challenges with this dress were the inside seams not all being finished off and a couple of yellow ‘age’ spots. Typically these… Read More »Two Old Dresses