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10 Men’s Style Tips To Help You Dress Better Today

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Here is a practical list of 10 Men’s Style tips that you can use today.

1. Match your socks to the same color palette as your pants, not to your shoes.
2. Your shoes and your belt should match. The easiest way to do this is to buy your shoes and belts at the same time (or at least have your shoes present when you buy your belt).
3. Its okay (encouraged even) to mix patterns (striped dress shirt with plaid tie for instance). Just make sure they are from the same color palette and the patterns are scaled differently.
4. Do not match your pocket square to your tie; use the above rules.
5. Use collar stays in your straight collar dress shirts (but make sure you take them out before cleaning).
6. Black & blue. This works with a pants and shoe combo, but never with a sport coat and pants combo.
7. It’s more important that your clothes fit properly and jive with your style than to match the latest trends. Update your wardrobe as your current clothes wear out. Consider made to measure instead of off the rack. This way you’ll get clothes that fit your form and your style.
8. The tip of your necktie should reach your belt buckle (and not extend beyond it).
9. Never put anything in the outside pockets of your sport coat or suit jacket; use the inside pockets.
10. Never button the bottom button on your sport coat or suit jacket. If your sport coat or suit jacket has working sleeve buttons consider leaving the bottom button undone here as well.
Do you live by a different set of rules? Are there any big style tips I missed? Talk about it in the comments section!
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