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Woodward Dream Cruise

Janet Davis Woodward Ave

The Woodward Dream Cruise is nothing new to Janet Davis Cleaners. In fact, the Janet Davis Cleaners building on Woodward has been around longer than most of the classic cars in the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise. The current location in Berkley on Woodward was opened in 1950. As you can see in the picture on the left, the store looked a bit different and was a bit smaller but the classic Janet Davis signature was present even back then.

Janet Davis Woodward Ave


As you can see from the cars parked in front of the building, they are quite a bit older than the muscle cars most people love at the Woodward Dream Cruise. You will also notice the classic neon sign we have come to be known for hasn’t been installed yet.
Janet Davis Woodward AveFrom the angle, the building is barely recognizable. It has been added on to at least twice since this picture was taken.

Do you have any original pictures of your classic car? What were you driving when these pictures were taken?

For quality that stands the test of time, bring your cleaning to Janet Davis Dry Cleaners.


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