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Which Clothes Have to Go To The Dry Cleaners

Clean clothes on hangers in the laundry room

We all have clothing that makes us look and feel good; however, so many of us fail to effectively care for our garments.

Sometimes placing an item in a washing machine just isn’t enough, as some clothes require some TLC to ensure they maintain their color, shape, and quality.

So, to make sure your clothing remains in great condition, we are identifying the fabrics you need to take to the dry cleaners.

Stained Clothing

If you have a troublesome stain that refuses to come out in a washing machine, you should consider taking the garment to a dry cleaner.

Many people often throw away a piece of clothing following a clothing disaster, because it may have a stain that just won’t budge.

Fortunately, professional dry cleaners will have the tools and knowledge to say goodbye to that pesky mark once and for all.

Many stains are often placed into two categories:

  • Solvent soluble stains
  • Water soluble stains

Unlike most people, a dry cleaner will know that different stains will require different treatments, which only they are trained to administer on clothing.

So, avoid using an over-the-counter all-purpose cleaner or a home remedy, which could cause a fabric more harm than good.

Wrinkled Garments

There is nothing worse than falling head over heels in love with an outfit, wearing and washing it once, only for it to be covered in wrinkles once it is dry.

However, do not despair, because a dry cleaner offers special pressing equipment to ensure a garment is crease-free, so it will look and feel as good as new as soon as you put it on.

There are so many benefits of a dry cleaning service – but the biggest one is the fact you don’t have to spend hours standing in front of the ironing board to no avail.

Household Textiles

Dry cleaners not only ensure clothing can appear as good as new, but they can also clean a variety of household textiles, too.

As you are probably already aware, household textiles can be difficult to clean, as bulky curtains, rugs or upholstery cannot fit into a washing machine.

So, don’t give up on your textiles just because they are looking a little worn, and take them along to a professional dry cleaner who has the machinery to restore the items to their former glory.

Delicate Fabrics

Washing delicate fabrics can be a little daunting. It can be so easy to destroy materials such as silk or rayon.

It can be even more overwhelming when you are faced with rather unusual garments made from angora, seersucker or faille, too.

Many people might be tempted to throw unusual fabrics in with the rest of their clothing into a washing machine, as they are unaware that the materials might be destroyed, depending on the cleaning process.

So, do not leave it to chance, and take the delicate fabric to a reputable dry cleaner, who will have a greater understanding of how to wash unusual materials.


A necktie is the focal point of a suit. If it has gravy stains or other unsightly marks, you will stand out at a formal event or business meeting for all the wrong reasons.

Most neckties are made from delicate fabrics, such as silk, so require extra special care to ensure they look as good as new.

Avoid placing a dirty or worn tie in the washing machine or back on the tie rack.

Take the delicate tie along to an experienced dry cleaner who can ensure you stand out for all the right reasons when you next wear it.

Poor Smelling Clothing

Does your favorite sweater have a smell that will not disappear, no matter how much you wash it?
If so, you should take the poor-smelling clothing or textile to a dry cleaner, as some can provide odor removal treatments using an ozone generator.

Many people often use the ozone services following a flood or fire, because it provides a contact between the odor and the ozone, leading to the occurrence or oxidation that releases oxygen and causes the odor to disappear once and for all.

Wedding Gowns

A wedding dress is often the focal point of a big day.

The gown makes a bride feel exceptionally beautiful, so it makes sense she would want to care for the dress as much as possible once the big day is over.

Professional dry cleaners can therefore effectively clean and care for the gown, so it looks as beautiful as it appeared on the day the bride wore it.

In fact, some dry cleaners can provide a wedding dress preservation service, which offers professional storage for a gown.

The bride can, therefore, pass on her beautiful wedding dress to her daughter, which she can wear when the time comes for her to say “I do”.

Leather & Suede

Unless you are an experienced professional, suede and leather is almost impossible to clean by yourself.

In fact, it is often so tough that some dry cleaners may not provide the service in-house.

They may send the materials to a specialized dry cleaner who uses unique techniques to successfully clean the fabrics.

Broken Buttons

We all have a buttonless item of clothing hanging in our wardrobe.

You probably tell yourself you will fix it at some point, but never do. Or, by the time you do decide to fix it, you have lost the button.

If this sounds like you, grab the garment and take it along to a dry cleaner, who can sew on loose or new buttons, so you can continue to enjoy the outfit.


Have you got an item that no longer fits you?

You might be tempted to throw it straight into the bin or at the back of your wardrobe, but don’t.
Whether it is too big or small, too long or too short, an expert dry cleaner can provide an alteration service to ensure it fits you like a glove.

Why Visit a Dry Cleaners?

A professional dry cleaner can ensure you never have to say goodbye to your favorite clothing or textiles.

You can, therefore, preserve the life of a fabric, ensuring it retains its shape, color, and quality, so you can enjoy the garment for many years to come.

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