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Wedding Gown Fabric Finishes

Fabric finish weave as in wedding gowns up closeChiffon

Chiffon is a lightweight, thin fabric finish that is somewhat transparent. Chiffon can be made with almost any fabric and can be dyed into almost any color (unless it is polyester which can be difficult to dye). Often chiffon is layered or used as a layer over a heavier fabric. This finish wears well, drapes well, and does not show pin holes.


Organza is similar to chiffon but is heavier and has more body. It has a fine texture with a slight sheen finish. It is very stiff and can be crushed and wrinkled easily however it can be brought back easily with pressing. Like chiffon, organza can be made from any fabric. Great care must be taken when cleaning organza or crocking can occur.

The satin weave is characterized by floating yarns that produce a high luster and beautiful sheen on one side of the fabric. Because of the floating yarns it is easily damaged by abrasion that will appear as a dull spot. Satin is probably the most common of all the wedding gown fabric finishes. Most often you will see satin with a high-gloss look, however you can find satin with more of a matte appearance.
Taffeta is a smooth, crisp finish that is often made of man-made fabrics or silk. If satin is the most popular bridal fabric finish, then taffeta is the second most popular. Taffeta is more resistant to abrasion than satin.
Tulle is a netting than can be made from silk, nylon or rayon. It is primarily used to make veils and in skirts to add body. Different weaves of this finish can increase or decrease the weight.
Only the most popular wedding gown fabric finishes were covered here.
Is there a wedding gown fabric finish I didn’t mention? What is your favorite finish? Discuss it in the comments section.
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