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Vintage Garment Cleaning

Mold Damage Repaired on a Vintage Silk Satin Wedding Gown

Here at Janet Davis Dry Cleaners we recently cared for a vintage silk satin wedding dress that was stored improperly and sustained mold damage along with the more common symptoms of poor storage – yellowing and wrinkles. I have included 3 before and after pictures including the front, the back and the underskirt. It is important to note that the photos of this dress were… Read More »Mold Damage Repaired on a Vintage Silk Satin Wedding Gown

Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Janet Davis Cleaners recently hosted industry expert Jane Zellers who taught several dry cleaners from all over Michigan how to properly clean specialty garments such as wedding gowns, both new and vintage. Jane C. Zellers, CED, consultant, lecturer and former owner of a three store dry cleaning establishment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has been involved in the laundry and dry cleaning industry for over 30 years.… Read More »Handling Specialty Items Vintage and Current

Two Old Dresses

Today I have two older dresses that we cleaned. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any before pics because we got to work just as soon as they came in. The dress to the left is a vintage garment from the 1940’s. The challenges with this dress were the inside seams not all being finished off and a couple of yellow ‘age’ spots. Typically these… Read More »Two Old Dresses