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Real Bride Spotlight: Brittany’s Rochester Wedding & Gown Preservation

Bride Brittany took her gown to Janet Davis Cleaners to have her gown cleaned and preserved after her beautiful wedding at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, MI in her Ines di Santo wedding dress to her lucky husband.

Bride and Groom

What was your wedding date?
August 13th, 2016.


What was your wedding location and venue name?
Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, MI

Bride and Groom


Who is the designer of your wedding gown and where did you purchase it?
I purchased my wedding gown from Roma Sposa in Birmingham, MI and the designer of my gown was Ines Di Santo. 

Bride and Groom outside

When did you know your gown was “the one”?
I went to try on wedding gowns twice at Roma Sposa. The first time I went I loved two different Ines Di Santo gowns and could not decide how to chose between the two. I went back to Roma Sposa at a later date for an Ines Di Santo trunk show and when I walked towards the back to begin to look at all the gowns I saw a new Ines Di Santo gown on a mannequin and I knew I had to try it on. When I opened the curtain to show my mom she started to cry and I knew right then this was my wedding dress. 

Groom's first look

What is your absolute favorite memory from your wedding day?
My absolute favorite memory from my wedding day was walking down the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband. After dating for 9 years and dreaming about this day for so long it was hard to believe that the happiest day of my life was here. 

Bride and groom

Why did you want to get your gown cleaned and preserved?
I wanted to get my gown cleaned and preserved because it was such a special part of my wedding day and I hope one day to have a daughter that I can share all the memories of this day with, including my wedding dress.
Bride and groom
What made your wedding ceremony feel extra special?
Our ceremony felt extra special when we exchanged our vows to one another. We had both been working on writing them for quite some time before our big day and being able to share them with one another on this day made for a very special moment.
Bride and groom
Why did you decide to get your gown cleaned by Janet Davis Cleaners, a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists?

I decided to get my wedding gown cleaned by Janet Davis Cleaners because I had spoken with my sales associate at Roma Sposa and inquired about where she recommended for cleaning and preserving of my gown. She reassured me multiple times that my gown would be in great hands at Janet Davis Cleaners. I was also able to view my gown before it got placed in the preservation box and it made me feel very comfortable with my decision. 

Black and white bride portrait
Photo Credit: Arising Images Michigan Wedding Photographers

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