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Problems with Using a Dry Cleaners

Child making a mad face at their dry cleaning for messing up

The dry cleaning industry has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any service industry. What I’ve noticed is that there are a few good dry cleaners out there, but unfortunately the number of bad operators outweigh the number of good ones. What is it about dry cleaners that people don’t like?

It takes time

Gone are the days of one hour dry cleaning. Shoot, one cleaning cycle on our dry cleaning machine takes longer than an hour (but we can get your clothes a lot cleaner than those old machines used to). At a quality dry cleaners, there are a lot of steps we have to complete before we can give your clothes back. We have to put a tag on your clothes (to make sure each item makes it back to its respective owner), pre-spot, clean, inspect, press (like ironing), inspect again, assemble, and bag everything before your items are ready for you. Services like free pickup & delivery help take the time issue out of the equation, but you still need to plan ahead to have your clothes ready when you need them.

It’s not free

As outlined above, there are a lot of steps that go into dry cleaning your garments, so unfortunately, dry cleaning isn’t free. At even the most automated dry cleaners, labor is the biggest portion of your final bill. What you are paying for is the personal touch and care when you are using a cleaning service.

Occasionally we make a mistake

Dry cleaners don’t like to admit it, but sometimes we make the occasional blooper or blunder. Usually it’s a simple oversight that can cause a big problem. It’s easy to give out an extra garment or cross a pair of pants. We double check every item before it’s done, but sometimes even the best of us make a mistake. A good dry cleaners will do everything they can do double check everything and use computers to help. A great dry cleaner will make sure if they do make a mistake that they’ll make right on it as well.

What did your dry cleaners do to get under your skin? What did they do to fix the problem? Talk about it in the comments section.

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