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Is Pick-up & Delivery Dry Cleaning For Me?

KyleA luxury once sampled becomes a necessity.” -Andrew Tobias

Does having your dry cleaning picked up from your house and delivered back sound silly? Whether your stop at your local dry cleaners once a month or twice a week, why not save the time and energy by having your dry cleaners come to you? Automating your chores and tasks frees you up to do the important things in life. Whether that’s spending time with your kids, working on an important project, or just enjoying time with your spouse, there are lot of things I would rather do than stop at the cleaners (even though they are very attentive).

Here are some people that can benefit from having their cleaning delivered:

The Occasional Cleaning Customer

Even though you only need you may only have a few pieces per month to clean, you can still use a pickup and delivery cleaners with what’s called on call or call in service. You simply call when you have something to be cleaned and your cleaners takes care of the rest. Here’s an example – today a woman stopped in to pickup her cleaning. It was just 4 pairs of slacks, but she left them here for a month because she just didn’t have time to stop in to pick them up. How many times did she look in her closet for these only to remember they’re at the cleaners?

Busy Parents

Does this sound familiar, you drive by the cleaners knowing you need to pickup your cleaning, but you got out of work a few minutes late and you cant stop because your son needs to get to soccer? Avoid this altogether by letting your cleaners come to you!

Those Who Care About The Environment

I know this one sounds like a stretch, but hear me out. Our home pickup and delivery vans drive down the same streets each week. We have hundreds of customers we provide this service for. Which distance is less, the average distance between each of our customers or the distance it takes for just a few customers to drive up to see us? The savings on the environment can add up over time.

The Regular Cleaning Customer

Okay, so this one is bit more obvious, but think about this, how much time does it take to stop at the cleaners every week? Now multiply that times 50 and that’s how much time you can save every year! If you stop in twice per week at 10 minutes per trip, you can save almost 17 hours per year!

So now that you can see the benefits of having the cleaning you were already going to drop off and pickup yourself done for you, what else can you automate to save time? House cleaning service, full service grocer, milk delivery? The possibilities are endless! If you have any more suggestions, talk about it in the comments section below.

Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery in Southeast Michigan

Janet Davis Cleaners Building

Whether you’re in Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Beverly Hills, Novi, Northville, or any of their surrounding areas in Michigan, we will pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning for free (you pay the same as you would in our stores). Call us at 248-543-0340 or signup for our pickup and delivery service online.

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