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Ines Di Santo Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

ines di santo wedding dress

This is an Ines Di Santo wedding gown that was brought in for cleaning. There is custom bead work at the top that will melt if cleaned using traditional dry cleaning methods and the wedding gown is made of silk so it cannot be wet cleaned. In this case we would normally remove the ornamentation, clean the dress and then replace everything exactly as it came off, but that was not possible in this case. We hand cleaned every inch of this wedding dress and the results speak for themselves.

If you look very closely at the before pictures, you will notice the purple color stains and the dirt. All of the purple stains (either wine or flowers that got wet) were removed along with 90% of the dirt. The dirt along the hem that we couldn’t remove is much lighter and hard to notice. Ignore the color difference in the pictures as this is due to differences in lighting.


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