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How Dry Cleaning Can Make Your Clothes Last Longer

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Everyone wants their favorite clothes to last as long as possible. Read this article to learn how dry cleaning can make your clothes last longer.

Many of us do not have the time to deal with laundry.

Demanding jobs make it harder to find time for both chores around the house and time spent with your friends with the family.

Besides, who wants to spend its free time sorting laundry, scrubbing clothes, getting rid of stains, and ironing shirts?

Certain fabrics do not go on well with high temperatures and detergents.

While we all know that frequent washing does create some damage to our clothes, few know that there is an alternative that saves us time and adds years to them: dry cleaning.

If you are looking for a time-saving option that will add years to your clothes, read on.

We created a small guide on how dry cleaning works and how it can preserve the quality of your favorite clothes for years to come by.

How dry cleaning works

As you already assumed dry cleaning does not involve water.

Nevertheless, it uses another liquid, a nonwater-based solvent that has the unique property of dissolving oil and dirt from your clothes without being harsh on the fabric.

Dry cleaning has been around since 1885. Since then, the methods were improved, becoming more and more efficient at eliminating stains and preserving the fabric.

A dry cleaning machine works in principle much like a front loading washing machine, except that it uses a nonwater-based solvent (there are several to choose from, each having slightly different qualities). Water is a very harsh solvent whereas the solvents that most professional dry cleaners use are very gentle.

How dry cleaning adds years to your clothes

Here comes the good part. Some fabrics swell when exposed to water in the washing machine. Once these fibers are swolen, the heat and mechanical action of the washing cycle can permanently damage the fibers. None of this happens when you use dry cleaning.

Imagine how many tears a washing machine would cause to your favorite dress or suit. Let’s not even mention what happens when you wash sensitive fabrics regularly.

You always have to sort your laundry by color because you know the color will come out, and over time, your favorite clothes start looking bleak.

Not only do you save time by not sorting you laundry each time, but you also preserve the quality of your clothes.

What about tough stains?

Usually, the non-water solvent goes deeply into the fabric, dissolving any stains and getting rid of doors.

If the stains persist, a professional will have a number of cleaning agents to safely remove these difficult stains.

The end result

After the dry cleaning process is over and all the stains and the odors are removed, the finishing process comes next.

Special equipment gives garments a “like new” look by getting rid of the wrinkles on the fabric.You won’t have to iron your clothes either.

It also comes wrapped in plastic so you will not have to worry about creating any damage to the clothes while getting them from one place to another.


Neckties are made out of delicate fabrics that do not get along with regular washing. The most used fabric for neckties is silk, which makes the washing process harder since you cannot scrub the stains away from your necktie without creating wrinkles or discoloration.

The necktie is one of the most important elements in a suit, so you cannot really hide a stain or a wrinkled tie without standing out for the wrong reason.

Professional dry cleaning and ironing will take care of both cleanliness and smoothness, giving you a great-looking fabric.


Sometimes unpleasant smells get into your favorite clothes. It seems like nothing we do gets rid of it.

When this happens, the solution is removing the door in a dry cleaner where special treatments are performed.

The ozone treatment used in dry cleaners works by provoking oxidation, which leads to the disappearance of the unpleasant smell.

Your clothes will smell like new again.

Wedding Gowns

Either a bride receives the dress from her mother or she wants to keep it as a memory for one of the most important days of her life.

Dry cleaning is the perfect solution that both cleans and preserves the beauty of the fabric for a long time.

Since the wedding gown is so important for a bride, it only makes sense that after the wedding is over, that the gown should be cleaned and kept as a memory. Some may even want to pass the wedding dress to the next generation.

Since cleaning and preserving a wedding gown is quite difficult, especially if you want to keep it looking as new, some dry cleaners can store your wedding dress in a controlled environment which will keep it looking brand new for years to come.

Does your favorite piece of clothing have a loose or a missing button?

Maybe it has been a while since you thought of repairing a missing button. In the meantime, you may have lost it already.

If so, you should take it to a dry cleaner that can sew the button back on, no matter if you lost the bottom or not. A dry cleaner will either have a matching button or can provide a new, similar, set.

Wrapping up

Sometimes you do not have the time nor the energy to deal with your laundry. Additionally, your favorite clothes need extra care to preserve their color and fabric.

Sorting the clothes by color, ironing and drying them also takes hours from your time that could be otherwise spent doing something you actually enjoy.

Wrong detergents and hot water can create a lot of damage to your clothing and shorten their wear span.

If you would like to find more information about how you can make your clothes look brand new for longer, do not hesitate to check our blog.

We also provide dry cleaning services in Bloomfield, Birmingham, Northville, and Royal Oak in Michigan.

Photo Credit: Michael Owens (Flickr)

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