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Getting Ready for Guests: Why Your Duvets and Comforters Need Household Dry

Storage for dry cleaning
As guests arrive for the summer, you want to give them somewhere clean to sleep. Get the deepest clean by taking in these household dry cleaning items.

Do you have guests coming to spend the summer with you? If so, you’re not alone! This article claims 100 million Americans will travel this summer!

If your guests are arriving soon, it’s time to get your guest space ready for them. This means making sure everything is tidy and clean.

But what about all those duvets and comforters you’ve had sitting in a closet all year? Does it matter if you clean those before setting them out?

Yes! Keep reading to learn all about why your duvets and comforters are perfect household dry cleaning items.

Particles Accumulate

You have a bunch of duvets and comforters that you don’t use very often if you’re like lots of other people. These are likely stashed away in some closet or drawer, or even under a bed.

They’re not being used, so they’ll stay clean? Well, no. Duvets and comforters don’t only get dirty from being used.

Particles accumulate in the fabric of those blankets and comforters, even as they sit unused. Dust, dirt, parasites, whatever’s floating around in the air. They all accumulate in those blankets.

This means you really should get them cleaned before you set them out for your visitors. While they likely won’t cause any damage, your guests will appreciate comforters that they can tell are clean.

That Musty Smell

Duvets and comforters don’t smell great when they haven’t been used for a while. So your visitors will get the hint that you pulled them out of a closet when they pull those covers up to their chin.

What causes that musty smell? There are a couple things that could be the culprit. 

First, humidity. If there’s any moisture in the air, or moisture left from the comforters not being 100% dried before they were stored, that can result in a musty smell. You may end up with mold if there’s too much moisture involved.

Second, cramped spaces. Believe it or not, your comforters need space. They shouldn’t all be stored in one big stack and left to be forgotten until you need them next.

Fabric needs air circulation. If all your duvets and comforters are stored together, or in an area that doesn’t allow good airflow, you’ll end up with funny smells.

Storing comforters in airy, dry conditions is best.

Cleaning Blankets and Comforters

Okay, so you’ve determined that you really need to clean your duvets and comforters before your guest arrives. But how should you do it?

You may be tempted to throw a quilt into your washing machine. Blankets, though, shouldn’t be treated like regular laundry.

A quilt that’s too large for your washing machine may not get properly cleaned. And if the dryer is too small, you run the risk of storing the blanket when it’s not entirely dry.

Air drying is fine, but you still want to make sure your household items are totally clean. In order for them to fit in the washer, you may have to visit a laundromat.

To save yourself that hassle, visit a dry cleaner instead.

Why Visit a Dry Cleaner?

While you can wash them at home, it’s better to take your blankets and comforters to a dry cleaner. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

No Shrinkage

Over time, your comforters may shrink when they’re washed in a home machine. If this happens, your beds won’t be properly covered anymore.

Shrinkage isn’t a concern with dry cleaning. So if you’re worried about this, always take your blankets to a dry cleaner.

Less Time and Hassle

When you wash and dry your comforters on your own, the process can really be time-consuming. First, you have to fit the comforter into your washing machine. Then you have to remember to put it in the dryer once it’s washed.

If your comforter isn’t dried completely, you’ll have to run the dryer a second time. Or you’ll take the time to hang it up to dry.

This process can really take some time if you’re washing more than one comforter. And even if you’re only doing one, you may forget what you started and accidentally leave it in the washer for too long.

Ultimately, taking your comforters to be dry cleaned means much less hassle for you. All you’ll have to do is take them in and pick them back up.

A More Efficient Way

Dry cleaning effectively removes all particles from comforters and duvets. This may not happen with a typical washing.

And one dry cleaning can last you a long time. You won’t have to clean your items as often, which saves you time and money and lets you focus your attention on other things.

Keep Color Safe

If you want to keep the colors on your duvets and comforters bright and true, always use a dry cleaner. It’s a color-safe way to clean these items.

Traditional washing may make colors fade over time, as well as add wear to the fabric.

Duvets and Comforters are Perfect Household Dry Cleaning Items

You likely have several items that are perfect candidates for household dry cleaning. If duvets and comforters aren’t on that list, it’s time they were on there.

Overall, dry cleaning treats your blankets and comforters better while efficiently making them clean and fresh. Choose this cleaning method to make sure your guests feel right at home when they come to visit for the holidays!

Many other items benefit from dry cleaning. Click here to read up on why you should always dry clean your silk clothing items.

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