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A Guide to Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Such an important item deserves just an important treatment. Follow this guide to choosing a wedding dress cleaning service and preserving your dress.

A recent study shows that people with big, beautiful weddings are happier and have marriages that last longer. And an essential element to the happiest day of your life is your dress. The dress is the centerpiece of a wedding.

The most important gown of your life (unless you plan on winning an Oscar) is your wedding gown. You’ll never be photographed or remembered as much in any other dress you wear in your lifetime.

The chances are also high that your wedding dress did cost a fortune. Considering all of these things, why wouldn’t you want to preserve and treasure this gown for as long as you both shall live?

With great preservation and fantastic wedding dress cleaning, you can keep your gown in pristine shape forever. Perhaps you’ll want to pass it down to a daughter or beloved family member.

The possibilities are endless once the dress is preserved and packaged well. Never fear dry cleaning is here. We’ve created the ultimate guide to wedding dress cleaning and preservation for you:

Why Wedding Dress Preservation

1. Sentimental Value and Great Options

As mentioned, a wedding dress can hold a day of dreams in its threads. The sentimental value of this dress carries some weight. You married the love of your life in this gown and you’ll (ideally) be together forever.

Perhaps you are of the tidy mindset and don’t like to have excess items in your home, even if it’s your wedding dress. If you are on the fence about the dress, know that you can have it packaged and cleaned and make the decision at a later point.

What’s more? Let’s say the sentimental value of the dress changes. Perhaps a split does come in your marriage. Having your dress well-preserved with wedding dress cleaning will make for a quick and imminent sale.

Having your expensive dress properly cared for will leave you with options about what to do with your gown.

2. Your Daughter May Want It

You might be surprised how many girls want to use their mother’s wedding dresses for their own special day. Being able to connect with the woman who bore her as she moves on into the married chapter of her life may mean a lot to her.

What’s important is giving her the option to wear your dress. Keep your dress so she can make the decision if she wants to wear your dress for her wedding day. This woman, for example, did an incredible photo shoot in the gowns that preceded her wedding.

She would have never had the opportunity to have these incredible photos taken if her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother hadn’t preserved their dresses.

3. Resale with Wedding Dress Cleaning

Based on the first part of this article and the sentimental heirloom talk, you probably didn’t think resale would be a topic here. But resale is a fantastic option for your wedding dress.

You wore the dress for one night and the chances are good that the dress is still in perfect condition. You might have gotten the train dirty from dancing at your reception (if you even wore it) or spilled something on it.

Wine stain? No problem. Leave it to the pros to get rid of anything your dress may have encountered on your big day.

If you don’t mind letting go of the sentimental value of this dress, then make like Elsa and “Let it go, Let it go!” However, the only way to sell this dress is by having wedding dress cleaning professionally performed on the dress.

If a new bride has a budget or simply just loves your custom tailored dress and wants it, then she will be happy to pay top dollar for the used dress as long as it looks like new.

4. The Material

Some women keep their dresses not necessarily so their kin can wear it, but so they can use the material to make a new dress. This is a way for your daughter to use the material from your dress and have it made into a new, modern gown or into a new christening gown (that still holds sentimental value).

Transforming a wedding dress can be a costly option, but one that will create an extremely special gown.

The Cleaning Process

Wedding dress cleaning may take some time. Good cleaners need up to twelve weeks. While cleaning prices can vary, find an expert in wedding dress cleaning and your money will be well spent.

From the time you take the gown off on your wedding night, try to store it in a cool dark, dry place. If you want to leave it out for a few days to show it off, handle it with cotton gloves to keep oils from your skin off it, and hang it on a non-padded hanger. Remember that direct sunlight over time will age garments more quickly

Once it’s at the cleaner of your choice, here’s what will happen:

Inspect and Test

Your professional cleaner will inspect your entire wedding dress and look for any stains or damage to the gown. Wedding dress cleaning pros are very thorough. They will also look for any tailoring or lace that has come undone.

Wedding dress cleaning usually entails tests on the areas that need special cleaning to figure out exactly how to clean the stain. Stains are not created equal and will be treated differently.

Stain Treatment and Cleaning

The professional will then spot clean any stains on the gown. They can remove most anything from wine to dirt around the hem. They will use a wet cleaning machine or a dry cleaning machine depending on the material. Once the dress is clean it’s ready for packaging.

Wrap It Up

Once the dress is in mint condition they will wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper and package it in a sealed, yet breathable box for optimal preservation. Vacuum wrapping isn’t recommended as it can trap moisture inside.

Your Day, Your Dress

Deciding on whether you should preserve and have wedding dress cleaning done on your gown doesn’t have to be a hard decision. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did and you can make any serious decisions on the gown later.

When you are ready for the ultimate wedding dress preservation for a fantastic price contact us today!


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