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9 Facts You Need To Know About Dry Cleaning Your Menswear

Dry cleaning your clothes has several benefits, such as saving you time and improving your attire. Here are 9 facts to remember when dropping off your menswear.

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Are piles of dirty laundry sitting untouched to your left and right?

Do you even have time in your busy schedule to make your clothes smell fresh and clean every few days?

Alas, us here at Janet Davis Cleaners have some facts about dry cleaning that will ease your toughest laundry woes!

9 Facts You Need To Know About Dry Cleaning Your Menswear

1. Take Your Suit To The Dry Cleaners When It’s Dirty

Choosing dry cleaning over at home washing your menswear will keep your expensive suits in perfect condition.

After all, even if you won’t be wearing them too often, they still need to be kept in pristine shape for special occasions.

How awful would it be if you check the back of your closet for your favorite gray sport coat and find coffee stains on the sleeve!

Take your items to get a dry cleaning whenever you accidentally spill something on it to get the stain out as soon as possible.

2. Preserve Your Suit When You Aren’t Wearing It

This may come as no surprise, but taking good care of your menswear can eliminate how often you need to take it to the dry cleaners.

Some people prefer to take their suits in once a week, while others limit themselves to only twice a year.

Once you pack away your suit after a trip to the dry cleaners, you will be happy to bring it out again knowing it has recently been freshly cleaned!

Do yourself a favor and take your suit to the dry cleaners if it has some foul odors, too.

3. Dry Cleaning Your Suit Improves Your Look

Ever walk down the street and find a sharp looking businessman wearing an expensive suit, only to find wrinkles galore?

You won’t be looking like him if you take your suit down to the dry cleaners every month or so, depending on how often you wear it.

According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, studies have shown that wearing a suit can improve a man’s confidence and lead to high levels of testosterone.

Clothing can influence not only how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside so keep your suit in it’s best condition so you can nail your next business deal.

Consider dry cleaning your suits before big meetings, too, so you can confidently take on the day without worrying about how you look!

4. Do Your Research On The Best Local Dry Cleaners

It seems as if a new dry cleaning store opens around the corner each year, but the ones that have been in business for the longest are usually the best.

New to an unfamiliar area?

Check on Facebook for reviews on what dry cleaners the locals keep going to.

People love reading peer reviews, and more likely to consider going somewhere that has positive feedback!

5. Take Care Of Your Suit In-Between Cleanings

Maintaining the best shape for your suit starts with how you treat it when it’s not at the dry cleaners.

Here are some important steps to take in order to protect your menswear from any unwanted damages:

  1. Invest in a steamer to lightly extract any wrinkles from your suit
  2. Protect it by covering your suit in a garment bag
  3. Change from one suit to the next on a regular basis so you aren’t wearing out one suit too badly

6. Always Hang Your Suits Away From Pets and Kids

One of the most common problems we see as dry cleaners is when people neglect to keep pets and children away from their suits.

It’s important to hang your suits up on wooden hangers, but consider placing your suits in high areas where your dog is not likely to jump up and drool all over it.

If these issues do happen, you can take your suit into any of our Detroit dry cleaners for the best professional care.

Our certified master dry cleaners will make your suits look shiny and new again, so you can forget about the unfortunate mishaps that brought you in to see us!

7. Spot Treat At Home

Make sure you always brush off dust, dirt, and food particles from your suits whenever you have one on.

Gently blot the stain to get any light marks off your suit as soon as possible to prevent harsh stains from forming.

This process of spot treating will help further preserve the quality of your suit in preparation for storage or for the dry cleaners.

8. You May Be Thinking: What Happens To Your Suit At The Dry Cleaners?

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what happens to your favorite suit once you drop it off at the dry cleaners:

  1. The item is tagged
  2. The item is sorted based on its color (dark, light or white) and need: does it need to be pressed, washed, dry cleaned or altered?
  3. The item is ready for cleaning and is sent on its way to being appropriately taken care of
  4. After cleaning, your item will be steamed or pressed
  5. Your items will be assembled back together and will be ready for pick up

9. Point Out Stains To Your Dry Cleaning Service

This is an imperative step in the dry cleaning process.

If you don’t point out stains to the person taking care of your suit, your suit may not receive the best possible treatment.

  • Dry cleaners are able to see the tougher stains and pointing them out will make sure that they are handled correctly.
  • Building trust between you and your dry cleaning provider is important to have the best experience when cleaning your beloved clothes.

Always feel free to talk to your dry cleaning professionals about any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and even after your experience.

They want to continue to have you as a client, so fostering a great relationship is pertinent to the ultimate customer service.

Wrapping Up

Protecting your favorite suits doesn’t have to be a pain!

Let the professionals handle your well-loved clothes. It’s our passion.

Are you interested in trying out our top rated dry cleaning services?

We’re open for YOUR business!

Feel free to stop by at one of our many locations in Bloomfield, Northville, Royal Oak, or Birmingham today!

We do provide complimentary delivery and pickup services, so do not hesitate to ask us about these amazing offers.

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