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6 Holiday Gifts to Keep the Man in Your Life Looking Great!

Christmas and holiday gifts to keep your husband, boyfriend or fiancé looking sharp

Shopping for the man in your life can often be a daunting task. As I man I can understand, we’re simple creatures and if there is something we really want, we find a way to buy it. So what do you buy your dad, husband, or brother this year? Something to make him look great, without having to guess this current size or style. Here are 6 items you can buy for the man in your life this holiday season.

6. A Valet

Amazon Winsome Trading, Inc. Vanity Valet Stand, Walnut
These can range from a simple ‘jewelry box for men’ to a free standing piece of furniture that holds a suit and everything you’d wear with it. Some use it to pick their clothes for the next day, others use it to mix and match patterns to create a unique style. Either way, any man that owns a suit will appreciate a suit valet (Note: I do NOT make any money from any of the links contained in this article).

5. Tie Rack
Richards Operated/Black Homewares Motorized Tie Rack with LED Lights – Rotating with Batteries – Hold up to 64 Ties and 8 Belts – Standard Rods Good for Most Closet TypesThe best way to organize your ties is with a nice tie rack. The best tie racks are motorized and spin so you can really see all of your silk neck fashions.

4. Shoe Shine Kit
KIWI Select Shoe Shine Care Kit Valet II Wooden Box w/ 10 pc ContentShoe polish has been popular since WWI. As long as your man has dress shoes, why shouldn’t he have the tools to help them look their best. The guys in the airport know how to do it best, but that doesn’t mean it cant be done at home. Check out these tips from Kiwi for more details.

3.Travel Valet

Travelon: Steel Coat Rack for Car
This simple device is the perfect gift for the man who wears a suit or sport coat on a regular basis. It looks like a hanger that attaches to a seat back so the coat or blazer can hang properly and keep it’s fresh from the dry cleaners appearance.

2. Shoe Tree

Allen Edmonds Men's Combination Cedar Shoe Tree

Although simple looking, shoe trees are instrumental in extending the life of a good dress shoe. Shoe trees help keep that new shoe look going for as long as possible. For best results, use a set of shoe trees for each pair of shoes in the closet.

1. Power Stays

Power Stays are like collar stays but add control to your straight collars

Power Stays have to be the coolest new things for men. Power stays are like regular collar stays in that they keep you collar straight instead of letting it curl, but it adds a magnet to keep it in same spot all day. The picture above illustrates how it works.
Do you have any experience with the products I mentioned above? Talk about it in the comments section.
Top photo credit: nSeika
All other photos link directly to their respective purchase pages. I get no credit or commission for any of the products mentioned in this post.

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