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Dress shirt

Common Problems with Men’s Dress Shirts

If you’re like me, you hope your favorite button down dress shirt will last forever. Unfortunately, they are typically made of cotton, not Kevlar, so they do wear out and break down over time. Some of the problems you commonly encounter can be fixed while other symptoms indicate it’s time to retire the shirt and purchase a new one. The International Fabricare Institute expressed that… Read More »Common Problems with Men’s Dress Shirts

Ink Stain on a Dress Shirt

Today I’m demonstrating what it looks like when we remove an ink stain from your favorite dress shirt. Ink is what we call a combination stain because it is made up of both wet-side components and dry-side components. When you write with an ink pen, the part you see is water soluble or wet-side as we call it. However, the part of ink that allows… Read More »Ink Stain on a Dress Shirt