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Bridal Gown

Monique Lhuillier: Profile of a Couture Wedding Gown Designer

  Photo: Getty Images Though today her brand is famous for its celebrity following, Monique Lhuillier’s couture wedding gowns are designed to make real women feel stunning. The designer has the rare ability to convey both timelessness and modernity in her gowns, seamlessly combining well-worn traditions with fresh touches which brides worldwide find irresistible. Since opening her business 3 decades ago, Lhuillier’s designs have only… Read More »Monique Lhuillier: Profile of a Couture Wedding Gown Designer

10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

1. Hands Off! Do not touch your wedding gown with your bare hands after it is clean. The oils from your skin will be absorbed by the dress which could yellow your gown over time. Use gloves (cotton works best) to handle your wedding gown after it is clean. 2. Treat invisible stains. Most sugar based stains (from cake icing, white wine, etc.) are invisible… Read More »10 Secrets to Preserve Your Wedding Gown Forever

Pnina Tornai Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

This is a Pnina Tornai wedding gown that was brought to us for cleaning and preservation. The before pictures for this Pnina Tornai wedding dress are on the left and the afters are on the right. Pay particular attention to the hemline. The hemline before cleaning was dirty and had picked up a few things from the ground. After the hem is clean (if you… Read More »Pnina Tornai Wedding Gown Before & After Cleaning

Wedding Gown Fabric Finishes

Chiffon Chiffon is a lightweight, thin fabric finish that is somewhat transparent. Chiffon can be made with almost any fabric and can be dyed into almost any color (unless it is polyester which can be difficult to dye). Often chiffon is layered or used as a layer over a heavier fabric. This finish wears well, drapes well, and does not show pin holes. Organza Organza… Read More »Wedding Gown Fabric Finishes

Wedding Gown Materials

Silk   Silk is the most luxurious of the wedding gown fabrics. It is softly lustrous, smooth, resilient, absorbent, elastic and tough. These properties have been duplicated individually in other fibers, but never in this combination as in silk.   Silk became famous in France, however it originated in China. A Chinese Empress in 2640 B.C. learned how to rear silk worms. She learned how… Read More »Wedding Gown Materials