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Paola D’Onofrio Wedding Gown Cleaned (Very Carefully!)

Paolo D'Onofrio Wedding Dress

From time to time, we post examples of the work we do here at Janet Davis Dry Cleaners. This dress is a one of kind Paola D’Onofrio Wedding Gown. The entire bodice is covered in sewn on Swarovski crystals and there are stripes (for lack of a better word) of crystals going down the skirt of the dress. There is glitter that covers most of the dress as well.

Due to the delicate nature of this wedding dress it was cleaned entirely by hand. Protecting the glittery elements of this dress is what makes it so difficult to clean. Also, you will notice all of the extra straps on the hanger; we had to add straps (attached on the inside so if somebody wears the dress you will never see them) to properly carry the weight of the gown. Beyond protecting the gown, and carefully cleaning, there isn’t much to say about the cleaning as the bride was careful enough to keep it mostly clean.

Not pictured is the train of this Paola D’Onofrio. The train extends about 3 feet behind the dress and is styled in a similar fashion to the front.

Wedding Gown Care Guide from Janet Davis Cleaners

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