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10 Things Your Bloomfield Dry Cleaner Wish You Knew

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Before you drop off the next load of dry cleaning to your favorite Bloomfield dry cleaner, read this article! Inside, you’ll find some helpful tips that your dry cleaner wishes you knew.

Are you famous for dropping food onto your clothes at every meal? Are you tired of trying to remove tough stains by yourself? If your clothes are starting to get ruined, you might want to invest in a professional dry cleaning.

There are more than 30,000 dry cleaners across America, processing millions of pieces of clothing per year. Before you take your next load of dry cleaning to your local Bloomfield dry cleaner, check out this article! We’ll give you some helpful hints to help you keep your clothing looking beautiful.

1. Time Plus Stains Equals Ruined Clothing

If you’ve got a wine stain on your woolen sweater, take it to the dry cleaner immediately. Dry cleaners can get out a lot of stains but they can’t reverse the flow of time. Wool and cotton are so absorbent that they trap stains below the surface of the fabric.

Wine stains, mustard stains, and oil stains will set in a matter of hours. One of the signs that you have an oil stain is that you’ll notice a weird yellow color on your clothing. Oil stains can occur while you’re cooking, but most people don’t even notice.

Dry cleaners can do a lot of great things with a little bit of time and a few chemicals, but we do see a lot of clothing that could have been saved.

2. We Can Do Wedding Dress Preservation

Not every dry cleaner can do this, but we’ve been in business since 1938 and we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeve. Allowing Janet Davis Cleaners to help you preserve your wedding dress start at $350, and you’ll have a keepsake to pass down to your daughter.

The worst thing you can do to a wedding dress is hang it up in a plastic bag. Plastic bags are terrible for long-term dress storage. The second worst thing you can do is store it in the attic. Women who store their wedding dresses in the attic usually find yellow stains that weren’t there originally.

Preserving your wedding dress is also a great option if you end up selling it. Many buyers look for dresses that headed to the dry cleaners right after the wedding.

3. Beware of At-Home Dry Cleaning

While you might think that you’re saving money, doing your own “dry cleaning” at home is a recipe for disaster. You’re basically spraying stain remover onto your clothing and tumble drying it in the dryer. Real dry cleaners work with very strong chemicals — and sometimes water — to remove deep stains.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get the same quality at home. It’s worth it to bring your coats, suits, shirts, and pants to your local Bloomfield dry cleaner. We cover all of Southeast Michigan and deliver throughout Wayne and Oakland Counties.

If you’re looking for professional-level dry cleaning, stop by and see what we can do for you. We can clean designer and couture garments that should never see the inside of your dryer!

4. We Handle Comforters and Rugs

While you’re spring cleaning, why not drop off your bed quilts and rugs? We can handle large comforters and tablecloths any time of year. People who live with pets or who smoke should try to dry clean their linens at least twice per year.

If you have allergies, you might also want to get into the habit of cleaning your comforters and rugs. Once you’ve installed an eco-friendly heating and cooling system in your home, you will want to deep clean your rugs and get your linens thoroughly disinfected and dry cleaned.

We have locations in Berkley, near Royal Oak; and Bloomfield, near Birmingham. Take the time to dry clean your rugs, bed linens and tablecloths before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. They may not have a lot of staining, but it’s nice to perk up the home before the holidays.

If you own a rental home, bring everything to us before you open the property for the season. If you have several properties, call us so that we can give you an estimate of how long all the linens will take to clean.

5. We Can Help You Extend the Life of Your Button-Down Shirt or Suit

Most button-down men’s shirts are made to be worn about once per week for a year. If you have dress shirts that are older than that, don’t be surprised if you see wear and tear on the collars and cuffs.

Dry cleaning doesn’t agitate your clothing as a washing machine does, so we help extend the life of your shirts. We can also help you remove stains and get a good strong crease into your shirts.

Men’s dress shirts often have buttons that break, so we offer a button guarantee. We will sew on a button wherever it’s needed, but if we forget to fix a button we’ll fix the broken button and clean two more of your shirts for free.

Suits are the same as dress shirts: they need to be dry cleaned regularly in order to last. Good suits are hard to find, so come to us and we’ll keep you looking great!

A Few Great Reasons to Try Your Local Bloomfield Dry Cleaners

You should know that we’re committed to serving you and to make a difference in our community. All of our staff members receive ongoing training about fabric care and we use the latest, most eco-friendly dry cleaning methods.

We can also come directly to your home or office to pick up your dry cleaning. We have more than 70 years of experience and can handle couture garments and wedding dresses. We’re members of the Association of Wedding Gowns Specialists and care deeply about preserving your wedding day memories.

If you have any questions, give us a call. We offer rug and pillow cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, dry cleaning delivery, and online payment options. You can also contact us by email and let us know what you need to have done for your home.

We’re the most experienced Bloomfield dry cleaner and we love our customers. Looking forward to talking with you!

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