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Janet Davis Cleaners Acquires Xtremely Old Iron, Launches Turn of the Last Century Ironing Service


Janet Davis Cleaners is proud to announce the recent acquisition of a top-of-the-line 1910 edition Xtremely Old Iron courtesy of a generous donation from the back corner of Great Grandpa Eugene’s attic.  With this powerful tool in tow, Janet Davis Cleaners is now offering Turn of the Last Century service: a clothes pressing service that exclusively utilizes the Xtremely Old Iron and is guaranteed to leave your clothes crisp and fragrant with the scent of ancient cast-iron.

“I recommend our brand-new Turn-of-the-Last Century ironing service to all of our customers looking for state-of-the-art clothes pressing,” shares Kyle Matthews, Director of Operations at Janet Davis Cleaners.  “Not only does the Xtremely Old Iron offer a stunning lack of physical burn protection to our employees, it also doubles as a weapon against intruders.  Our top clients find elements like these give their straight-from-the-press shirts something special.”

Long-time customer Maggie Jennings agrees: “I adore this new offering.  The Xtremely Old Iron is just a magical tool.  I love the compact design that looks like it was built with my very own forefathers in mind!  After I use Janet Davis Cleaners’ Turn of the Last Century service, the scent of 110 year old metal lingers for days on my clothes.  It’s truly refreshing!”

Detroit local and millenial Joe Walsh shares that he visits Janet Davis Cleaners exclusively for this tool and service: “I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly heritage ironing service for literally forever but no matter how many times I’ve scrolled through my Instagram feed, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Last Tuesday though, my friend tagged me on a post with a pic of the Xteremly Old Iron at Janet Davis and I just knew I’d found the one.  I’m willing to pay a premium for an authentic ironing service because Y.O.L.O, but J.D. is such a great deal.”

Not only is the Xtremely Old Iron, a joy for customers, it’s a staff-favorite.  Janet Davis Cleaners’ employees love wielding the painfully heavyweight model, weighing in at well over 10 lbs.  This iron is sure to cause shoulder pain, muscle, and skin damage, making it a true joy to use. 

The cord-free design allows for maximum ease of use with no risk of electrocution and zero environmental impact. Kyle explains more,”The Xtremely Old Iron is an eco-friendly marvel.  It’s produced from one of the most abundant metals on the planet and creates zero waste.  Not only that, but it’s a trusted tool guaranteed to last three or more centuries.  For our most environmentally-conscious customers, this service is a breath of fresh air.  They simply love that the iron can one day be melted down and made into a sword, cannon ball, or even a dustpan for their firepit.”

The newly-acquired Xtremely Old Iron sports a stunning charred-by-the-years black finish, complete with a truly timeless wash of ancient dust.  With no pesky steamer, and crisp craggy edges, it’s a true stunner.  Services available starting April Fools’ Day.  Call Janet Davis Cleaners to schedule your very own Turn of the Last Century Service at 248-543-0340 or visit us online anytime.


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