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“I am a first time customer. Their service was outstanding! Everything from drop-off to delivery was extremely efficient and the communication throughput was excellent.“

– Melanie T.

Leather, suede, and fur yield rich textures and defining qualities. You can find artistic clothing pieces that incorporate these materials individually or creatively combined, providing you with a luxurious sense of flare. Such garments are worth preserving and maintaining. As you may already know, leather, suede, and fur require special care. 

When you bring your leather, suede, or fur garments to Janet Davis Cleaners, we ensure your items are well cared for and you can wear them with confidence. As an extra step of ensuring this standard, we send these particular garments to leather, suede, and fur specialists that we trust. We keep the process easy and hassle-free for you. All you have to do is bring your items, we send them off to our partnered experts, and then you can pick them up from our facility when they are done and ready to wear.

variety of leather jackets closeup
close up of a tan suede jacket
Luxury fur coat very sofly in vintage style
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Drop Off

Bring your leather, suede, or fur to the Janet Davis Cleaners facility.

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Sent Off To Specialists

To ensure the best methods and care, we send your items to a leather, suede, and fur specialist we trust.

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Pickup Ready To Wear

You will be able to pickup your ready-to-wear items from our facility.

Delivering freshly laundered clothing and items right to your door!